Bunny Snot Fidget Putty

Bunny Snot Fidget Putty

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Bunny Snot Fidget Putty

Easter Bunny Approved

Straight from the twitchy nose of a fluffy bunny comes the latest development in the fight against stress – Bunny Snot Fidget Putty. This gooey, blue stress reliever will melt away your troubles one handful at a time.

Squish it through your fingers, feel it loosen up in soothing splendor, and witness sheer rejuvenation of the soul as you shift it from one lucky rabbit’s foot to another.

Bunny Snot Stress Putty comes in a lidded tin and fits in your desk, purse, or favorite hiding place. Let the worries of the day squeeze through your fingers wherever stress happens, and you’ll come away with the carefree, childlike lightness that only comes from playing with high quality stress relief toys like blue bunny boogers.

Rabbit gifts are appropriate for every occasion or no occasion at all. They’re adorable for care packages, birthday presents, stocking stuffers, Easter Baskets and just to say, “I’m thinking of you.”

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