Tourist Costume for Passing Out Candy #SpookUptheFun


Are you staying home and passing candy out this Halloween? Even if you’re not going door to door with the kids or heading out for night on the town, you can still have a little fun and dress up for the holiday.

Halloween spirit starts with you!

If you’re fresh out of the usual mummy, Frankenstein or Edward Cullen costumes, you can throw together an easy ensemble that will be a little wacky but comfy too. Rather than anger the wife by cutting holes in her favorite Eqyptian cotton sheets for a quick ghostly getup, opt for a simple tourist costume made from a few FunSlurpian favorites and items you have right in your closet!

1: Pull that Hawaiian shirt your mother-in-law bought you while she was on vacation out of mothballs. It’s finally going to have its chance to shine.

2: Grab a pair of shorts from your dresser! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for not packing away your summer clothes yet. It’s like you knew you’d still need it.

umbrella hat

3: Head over to and grab a pair of Sock Sandals and our handy, dandy Umbrella Hat. If you’d never rock socks with sandals and want to keep it authentic, you can also opt for Red Sneaker Socks.  The great thing about the sock sandals and sneaker socks are that they complete your costume in a comical and comfortable way. Go for that little extra; you won’t regret it.

4: Optional additions to this simple costume are your fanny packs to hold candy, a camera around your neck for some touristy accessorizing and of course, the always awesome Binocular Flask.

On Halloween night, while others are squirming in their cheap-o store-bought costumes, sweating under a mountain of makeup, you’ll be lounging about, easy and breezy in your tourist costume.

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