’s 31 Days to Spook Up the Fun: Day 1

Day 1


It’s October and that’s nothing to BOO-Hoo about! We’re so excited to be bringing you a month full of spooky fun all over the net!

We’re going to be sharing costume and party ideas, spooky facts, wicked humor, and awesome giveaways to keep the Halloween spirit alive all month long!

Sound like fun?

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8 Awesome Halloween Decorations and Creepy Special Touches

Decorating for the Halloween is always fun, but adding some spooky special touches really shows off your holiday spirit. Show your friends, family and Halloween party guests that your commitment to the creepy far exceeds lame cartoon character window clings.

Fake Cockroaches

These creepy crawlies look like the really critters and are sure to send a shiver down anyone’s spine…even your own.

Recordable Talking Toilet Paper Roll

Record an eerie message and when someone reaches for the toilet paper, they will be shocked and horrified as it plays back the haunting recording.

Floating Eyeball

Drop it in a drink or leave it in the fridge, either way, someone’s going to scream like a little girl when he comes eye to eye with the Floating Eyeball.

Cold Blooded Ice Mold

Whether you add these freaky vampire chompers to a Bloody Mary or some spiked up punch, they add a final touch with some real bite!

Pyscho Shower Curtain

When your guests need to make a pit stop, they’ll be surprised to walk in on the iconic shower scene from Psycho.

Buffy the Flying Bat

There’s just some ghoulish charm to having a creepy, winged creature with demonic glowing eyes flying overhead.

Murder Ink Notepad

Replace your boring phone-side note pad with this dandy for some added Halloween flair; everyone will be dying to take a message.

Bagged Bloody Hand

Severed body parts always make for deliciously foul pranks as well as chilling decorations that will make your guest shiver with disgust.