FunSlurp is a One Stop Shop for Unique Gifts

golf barbecue set

While FunSlurp has its roots deeply planted in the tradition of hilarious gags and pranks, we’ve branched out into an amazing selection of unique gifts. We’ve got fun gag gifts to tickle anyone’s funny bone as well as clever selections for men, women and children of all ages.

Our unique gifts include sections for everyone, because we believe that fun should be had by all.

Unique Gifts for the Kitchen

For those cooks and foodies who enjoy presentation as much as the actual dishes they serve, we have a wide variety of cooking tools and accessories that would be fun, useful and sometimes even wacky additions to any kitchen.

Unique Gifts for Bacon Lovers

Everyone knows that the best argument against a vegetarian lifestyle is bacon. It’s salty, savory and super scrumptious. In fact, bacon gifts are so wildly popular, they have their own section in our shop. Where else can you get bacon Christmas ornaments, soap and gummy bacon in one place?

Unique Gifts for Sushi Lovers

If you know someone who lives from one California roll to the next, you have to check out our sushi related gifts. We’ve got sushi magnets, serving sets, candles and even sushi band aids. Sushi isn’t just what’s for dinner, it’s a lifestyle, people.

Unique Gifts for Golf Lovers

Just because your pal winters in an icy tundra doesn’t mean he doesn’t dream of golf every single night. We’ve got all kinds of fun golf gifts, including a golf bag barbecue set, bathroom golf game and even golf shoe slippers.

Unique Gifts for Wine Enthusiasts

Anyone can pick out a bottle of wine, but a real friend knows a true wine lovers enjoy more than just the vino. We’ve got unique wine stoppers, wine glass charms for entertaining, fun corkscrews and, for some true Americana, sock monkey wine gift bags.

And these, friends, are just the tip of the iceberg. We also have unique gifts in many more categories, from over the hill gag gifts to fun signs, glasses and furniture kits for home bars.

We’re truly proud of our large collection of unique gifts for every occasion, and are constantly adding awesome new gadgets and gifts so you’ll always have a fantastic new selection to choose from.

Check out our huge selection of unique gifts now!

Big Savings: FunSlurp Specials for Every Room of Your House

sing along tongs

We have two pages of products on special right now! You’ve got to check it out. There are literally savings for every room of your house!

Living Room– Not crazy about what the kids are watching on TV? Pop the iPlunge stand on the back of your iPod and throw in a pair of our cupcake ear buds and you’ve got a mini hands free entertainment center all of your very own!  And, to keep your furniture safe from any condensation on your ice cold beverage, throw use our stylish and sweet record coasters.

Dining Room– Serve up a piping hot dish of pasta with our spaghetti-wrapped Buona pasta servers. Then as a side dish, you can serve up your family’s favorite salad with the rockin’ sing along cooking tongs.

Kitchen– In the kitchen, you can take out your frustrations on some raw beef with the knuckle meat pounder. Know one will ever suspect you were ever tense when you pair that perfect steak with some heart-shaped eggs, served sunny side up, of course.

Bathroom– Brush up on your fishing skills while you’re dropping a bobber with the potty fisher, and then express your political views by singing your own special version of “Hail to the Chief” while wiping your backside with Obama toilet paper. Don’t forget to wash your hands with some manly bacon soap and brush your teeth with some pickle toothpaste.

Bedroom– Turn up the heat…or just the bizarre…with a little role-playing. Slap on the giant fake mustache and don your Miller Lite cowboy hat and turn your boudoir into a rodeo!

And this is just the beginning! There are plenty other specials to jazz up your home office, patio and rec room, too! Click our specials tab to find everything you need for every room in your house!