FunSlurp is a One Stop Shop for Unique Gifts

golf barbecue set

While FunSlurp has its roots deeply planted in the tradition of hilarious gags and pranks, we’ve branched out into an amazing selection of unique gifts. We’ve got fun gag gifts to tickle anyone’s funny bone as well as clever selections for men, women and children of all ages.

Our unique gifts include sections for everyone, because we believe that fun should be had by all.

Unique Gifts for the Kitchen

For those cooks and foodies who enjoy presentation as much as the actual dishes they serve, we have a wide variety of cooking tools and accessories that would be fun, useful and sometimes even wacky additions to any kitchen.

Unique Gifts for Bacon Lovers

Everyone knows that the best argument against a vegetarian lifestyle is bacon. It’s salty, savory and super scrumptious. In fact, bacon gifts are so wildly popular, they have their own section in our shop. Where else can you get bacon Christmas ornaments, soap and gummy bacon in one place?

Unique Gifts for Sushi Lovers

If you know someone who lives from one California roll to the next, you have to check out our sushi related gifts. We’ve got sushi magnets, serving sets, candles and even sushi band aids. Sushi isn’t just what’s for dinner, it’s a lifestyle, people.

Unique Gifts for Golf Lovers

Just because your pal winters in an icy tundra doesn’t mean he doesn’t dream of golf every single night. We’ve got all kinds of fun golf gifts, including a golf bag barbecue set, bathroom golf game and even golf shoe slippers.

Unique Gifts for Wine Enthusiasts

Anyone can pick out a bottle of wine, but a real friend knows a true wine lovers enjoy more than just the vino. We’ve got unique wine stoppers, wine glass charms for entertaining, fun corkscrews and, for some true Americana, sock monkey wine gift bags.

And these, friends, are just the tip of the iceberg. We also have unique gifts in many more categories, from over the hill gag gifts to fun signs, glasses and furniture kits for home bars.

We’re truly proud of our large collection of unique gifts for every occasion, and are constantly adding awesome new gadgets and gifts so you’ll always have a fantastic new selection to choose from.

Check out our huge selection of unique gifts now!

Wow Him: 10 Unique Gifts for His Man Cave

All men need a place of their own, not just so they can relax, but so the rest of the family doesn’t have to endure eight straight hours of buffalo wing farts on game days–and not just his, but his buddy’s too. It’s really a win-win for everyone involved.

Getting him gifts designed specifically to complement his man cave works to your advantage in a few ways:

  • It makes you look like the most understanding, thoughtful wife ever
  • He gets a gift that he will really enjoy
  • He’s sure to drag whatever leftover bachelor furniture and “decorations” he’s been refusing to remove from your sight into his man cave to finish off the manly motif. Bye bye, singing wall fish; hello, sanity!

Seriously, a man cave is the closest thing to a legal cage a wife can have–it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

So, when you’re trying to come up with the perfect gift for him, consider amping up his man cave with cool gizmos, gadgets and unexpected goodies he’d never dream you’d buy.

10 Unique Gifts for His Man Cave

1. Keg Bar Stool Kit: This is so cool! If your man is a do-it-yourselfer with a love for beer on tap, this is sure to wow him. He can turn a regular keg into a unique and functional bar stool.

2. Murder Ink Memo Pad: Has he DVR’d every episode of every cop show known to man? This fun note pad is “write” up his alley.

3. No Drinking Til 5 Clock: As they say, it’s five o’clock somewhere. But, with this clever clock, he doesn’t even have to convert time zones to come up with an excuse to relax with a brew.

4. Fake Security Camera: Sure, it doesn’t really record anything, but it looks real and every guy thinks they’re rad. His friends will be speechless when they see his top-not faux security system.

5. Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer: Not only is this gift hilarious, we all know it’s funny because it’s probably true, especially in a man cave. This gift is as much for yourself as it is for him.

6. Keg Key Cap: When he locks up his man cave liquor cabinet, this little addition to his most coveted key is marked clearly. This can be handy when his eyes are glued to the boob tube.

7. Coughing Ashtray: Is he tired of telling his buddies not to light up those stanky cigars because they’re yellowing his antique pennant collection? He won’t have to say a word when he adds this coughing, wheezing ashtray to his man cave. His friends will get the point and you won’t have to buy stock in fabric spray.

8. GoBar Portable High Top Bar: If his man cave has limited space, he can still have his bar. This cool, lightweight bar is sure to make him feel like a king when his pals are over for the big game.

9. Inflatable Moose Head: What’s more macho than a good trophy? This dandy inflatable is awesome for guy who isn’t a very skilled hunter or just has an awesome sense of humor.

10. BAR LED Neon Sign: What bar or man cave is complete without a good neon sign? This sign is animated, so when he turns it on, neon beer flows into the glass.

Your man’s man cave is his sanctuary and your key to some peace. Wow him with a unique gift and show him you care…about both of you.