Unique Corkscrews for Fun-loving Wine Enthusiasts

That wine bottle isn’t going to open itself!

If you’re a box wine or twist cap kind of guy or gal, you may not have a corkscrew around your house. And that’s okay until someone brings over a bottle with a cork. YIKES! You’re in a pickle!

Luckily, you can avoid awkward, wineless situations like these with our Pickle Corkscrew!

pickle corkscrew

Once you’re all set at home, make sure you’re prepared in any party situation with our awesome selection of pocket or purse-friendly unique corkscrews.

Going to your buddy’s cabin for the weekend? Don’t leave home without your Fish Corkscrew!

fish corkscrewPreparing for a late night study date that will hopefully be more date than study? Pop a bottle of Merlot in your backpack and your Owl Corkscrew in your pocket and you’re all set to cram for that anatomy exam!

owl corkscrew

If it’s a frosty evening, you might need to take along a bottle opener that’s used to the cold, like our Penguin Corkscrew.

penguin corkscrew

And, if you’re just plain tired of people always stealing your unique corkscrews, you can take the Screw You Bottle Opener and let them know how you feel without saying a single word.

screw you corkscrew


Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine in itself is a fabulous gift, but if you want to amp up your presentation, we’ve got lots of little touches that will keep on giving even after the bottle is empty.

If you’re shopping for a wine lover, there are so many bottles of Chardonnay you can give before you feel like the concept is played out or your friend starts to wonder if you think she’s got a drinking problem.

On the other hand, these gifts are great if you’re shopping for a wine enthusiast, but don’t know your way around a wine cellar. Take the guesswork out of your wine-related gift and choose accessories that will last your friend or loved one a lifetime.

Wine Charms and Markers

Hosting a party is fun, but it’s a lot of work before, during and after the party. If your friend loves throwing parties wine charms and markers are great gifts. It can be frustrating to find find several half full glasses of wine all over the house and wind up washing twice as many dishes as were really necessary because guests kept losing track of which one was theirs. Wine charms and markers can be quickly added to glasses and leave no question which glass is being used by each guest.

Unique Wine Stoppers

Wine bottle stoppers are fabulous gifts for wine lovers because it allows them to close a bottle back up after pouring a single glass or opening it in preparation for guests. If you’ve ever tried to jam a cork back in a bottle, you know it’s not an easy feat. Our wine stoppers range from charming and earthy to festive and Christmas-inspired…including those with miniature working snow globes.

Corkscrews and Wine Bottle Openers

Traditional corkscrews do the trick, but we’re all about personality…and chances are, so is your friend. We’ve got fun wine bottle openers like the Handlebar Wine Opener, as well as those that fold up to travel well, but are equally and awesomely unusual, like the Fish Corkscrew.

Magic Wine Stand

This awesome wine stand is a sight to behold. The bottle seems to be floating mid-air with a single iron chain hanging from it. The optical illusion will be a crowd pleaser and certainly a cool addition to any wine lover’s collection.

Wine Wipes

Rather than walking around with wine stains on her teeth, your wine-loving sister can take these wine wipes with her to the next wine tasting. These orange-flavored wipes come in a small round container with a mirror in the lid so she can get rid of any unsightly red wine stains and cleanse her palate between selections.

I Wine When I Cook Wall Decoration

This charming sign is perfect for the pal that likes to sip wine while whipping up a gourmet meal.

Finding the right gift for a wine lover or putting together a great wine gift basket is as easy as browsing our amazing selection of gifts. Now every wine enthusiast on your list will can get a unique gift that complements their taste for the finer things in life.