Quotes and Quips Band Aids for the Facebook Friend Who Inspires Us All

quotes and quips band aids

Do you know someone who is endlessly putting inspirational quotes on her Facebook page? You know? The ones printed in elegant fonts and overlay stunning backgrounds of mountains at twilight or adorned by the sickeningly sweet picture of an adorable kitten hanging from a tree?

In small doses, these Pollyanna messages are fine and may even pump you up on a rough day, but this person–and everyone knows one–must spend her entire week looking for or making these things.

It can’t possibly be easy to be a 24-hour cheermonger, who can’t help but brighten everyone’s day…all day…every day…whether they want it or not. Who’s there for her when she can’t find a great quote or, heaven forbid, gets a paper cut scanning pictures of scenic vacation spots into her computer?

There are hazards to the job, people.

Don’t leave your quote and quip addicted pal hanging in her most desperate hour. Help her stay prepared on all fronts with some Ouch! Quotes and Quips Band Aids. Then, we she needs a little inspiration to keep moving forward with her social media cheerleading mission, she’s all set, even after a grievous photo-related injury.

quotes and quips band aids

Not only will she be able to cover up her battle wounds, but she can be cheerfully inspired by some of the greats, like Monty Python and R.E.M., while she does so.

Ouch! Quotes and Quips Band Aids come in packages of 24 self-adhesive, and oh-so-inspiring bandages in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Cover Cuts With Cool, Unique Band Aids

If you’ve taken a look around FunSlurp.com, you know that we have a special knack for choosing awesomely unique products. (We’re not bragging. Everyone has a gift.)

Anyhoo..we take laughter and fun very seriously. It’s our mission to spread smiles and chuckles wherever we can, and when could a day-brightener possibly be more necessary than when someone you love has a booboo?

In the interest of making owies feel better as quickly as possible, we offer the coolest most unique selection of adhesive bandages you could hope to find. If these don’t turn some frowns upside down, nothing will.

Take a look at some of my personal favorites…

Ouch! “Quotes and Quips” Band Aids

Tattoo Band Aids

Cupcake Bandages

Crime Scene Band Aids

Ouch! Big Girls Don’t Cry Band Aids

Toast Band Aids

Kissy Lip Band Aids

Macaroni and Cheese Band Aids

And not only do we have many more, but we’re continuously expanding our unique band aid collection, so whenever someone you care about has an owie, you’ll have them covered in the coolest way possible!