The Ultimate Prank Kit: April Fools’ Day Simple Pranks Arsenal

simple pranks kit

April Fools’ Day is only a couple weeks away–are you prepared?

Are you tired of always being the prankee and not the pranker? Or maybe you’ve tried to really “get” someone with an elaborate prank, but it just didn’t work out the way you hoped–or worse–totally backfired?

Either way, you need to get started if you’re going to get them this year!

There’s a reason why simple, classic pranks have stood the test of time. They’re quick strikes that yield results. Your target is still stunned by the surprise, but there’s little room for error. Simple pranks save you all the time you’d spend setting up the gag, and there aren’t minute details you have to worry will go wrong.

And, best of all, the payoff is immediate.

With simple pranks, your mark receives his or her shocking surprise and you have about five to ten seconds of “point and laugh” time before you have to turn and run. So, if you’re ready for the sure win this April Fools’ Day, grab the Ultimate Prank Kit and strap on your running shoes, ’cause you’re gonna need ’em!

The Ultimate Prank Kit is a collection of simple pranks that will keep you in the pranking business all April Fools’ Day long! It includes:

  • 1 package Exploding Pensimple pranks
  • 1 package Squirt Camera
  • 1 package Squirt Flower
  • 1 package Car Scratch Prank
  • 1 package Bug in Ice (2 per pack)
  • 2 packages Itching Powder
  • 2 packages Hot Toothpicks (2 per pack)
  • 2 packages Blood Capsules (4 capsules in each pack)
  • 2 packages Bloody Nose
  • 2 packages Jumping Beans (3 per pack)
  • 2 packages Bloody Face Soap
  • 2 packages Dirty Face Soap


  • 2 packages Fart Powder

Warning CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts, Not for children under 3 years
For ages 14 & up

Visit today for more information on contents and to purchase your Ultimate Prank Kit for just $19.95!

Classic Gags and Pranks

snake nut canThere are certain gags and pranks that have been around for ages. They’re primitive in comparison to the more modern gags available today, but their simplicity and ability to make people laugh has kept them popular for decades.

Top Ten Classic Gags and Pranks

  1. Fake Roaches– Leaving these badboys by a sink drain or in a cabinet is sure to work the unsuspecting into a lather with minimal effort. GROSS.
  2. Disappearing Ink– People freak out when they think you’ve spilled indelible ink on them only to have it vanish before their very eyes.
  3. Exploding Golf Ball– If your mark has a temper we suggest wearing your running shoes before trying this one on for size. As soon as that balls bursts into a cloud of dust, he’s going to be steamed.
  4. Fake Dog Poop– Fake dookie is sure to get someone’s panties in a twist whether you leave it in his or her yard or on the foot of their bed.
  5. Pop Out Snake Nut Can– When they go for your nuts, they’re surprised by the snake. (Sorry, I had to.)
  6. Hand Buzzer Prank– As long as handshakes are in style, this classic will be, too. An innocent greeting becomes a “shocking” experience.
  7. Stink Bombs– For the passive aggressive prankster, the stink bomb is where it’s at. Bust open one of these stench-filled wonders and walk away. You’ll hear the aftermath. Ahh…the sweet stank of victory.
  8. Whoopee Cushion– Farts are funny, especially when they come from stuffy people. Throw one of these on the snooty receptionist’s chair and no one will be able to stifle the laughter.
  9. Squirting Lighter– If you need to stop a pal from “accidentally” stealing all your lighters or just know some folks who always waste your precious break time bumming lights, this squirting gag will encourage them to think twice before asking you.
  10. Rubber Chicken– The rubber chicken is so bizarre and uneasily explained that it has been around since the beginning of pranking and gag-gifting. What can’t you do with a rubber chicken?

These classics gags and pranks have been around forever and they’ll continue to be bringing on the laughter for decades to come. Click here for more gags and pranks.