Pranks: A Brief Overview…and Hilarious Video

With Halloween just around the corner, tricks and pranks could be waiting around every corner. Pranks come in sorts of shapes and size, and we love them all. A good prank is as simple as catching someone off guard and then laughing really hard after it all plays out.

There are several kinds of pranks that we’re fond of:

Classic pranks: These are usually very simple and have stood the test of time. Some of our favorite classic pranks are whoopee cushions, pop out snakes and trick candy.

Gross-out pranks: Gross-out pranks are pretty self-explanatory. They’re meant to make people’s stomachs turn or give them a good case of the heebie jeebies. We have simple ones like fake poop and roaches to more gnarly gross pranks like, fake barf and severed limbs.

Shocking pranks: Shock pranks, like the shock stapler or shocking lighter, are wicked good fun. The jolts are harmless, but definitely come as a surprise and get a great reaction.

Surprise pranks: These pranks are usually of the hidden prop variety, such as our pal the toilet monster. These gags take a little planning and careful execution, but the payoff is totally first rate.

I was surfing YouTube and found this compilation video of Scary Maze pranks. Don’t you love watching unsuspecting people get set up for a scare by those they trust? Delish!

Classic Gags and Pranks

snake nut canThere are certain gags and pranks that have been around for ages. They’re primitive in comparison to the more modern gags available today, but their simplicity and ability to make people laugh has kept them popular for decades.

Top Ten Classic Gags and Pranks

  1. Fake Roaches– Leaving these badboys by a sink drain or in a cabinet is sure to work the unsuspecting into a lather with minimal effort. GROSS.
  2. Disappearing Ink– People freak out when they think you’ve spilled indelible ink on them only to have it vanish before their very eyes.
  3. Exploding Golf Ball– If your mark has a temper we suggest wearing your running shoes before trying this one on for size. As soon as that balls bursts into a cloud of dust, he’s going to be steamed.
  4. Fake Dog Poop– Fake dookie is sure to get someone’s panties in a twist whether you leave it in his or her yard or on the foot of their bed.
  5. Pop Out Snake Nut Can– When they go for your nuts, they’re surprised by the snake. (Sorry, I had to.)
  6. Hand Buzzer Prank– As long as handshakes are in style, this classic will be, too. An innocent greeting becomes a “shocking” experience.
  7. Stink Bombs– For the passive aggressive prankster, the stink bomb is where it’s at. Bust open one of these stench-filled wonders and walk away. You’ll hear the aftermath. Ahh…the sweet stank of victory.
  8. Whoopee Cushion– Farts are funny, especially when they come from stuffy people. Throw one of these on the snooty receptionist’s chair and no one will be able to stifle the laughter.
  9. Squirting Lighter– If you need to stop a pal from “accidentally” stealing all your lighters or just know some folks who always waste your precious break time bumming lights, this squirting gag will encourage them to think twice before asking you.
  10. Rubber Chicken– The rubber chicken is so bizarre and uneasily explained that it has been around since the beginning of pranking and gag-gifting. What can’t you do with a rubber chicken?

These classics gags and pranks have been around forever and they’ll continue to be bringing on the laughter for decades to come. Click here for more gags and pranks.