FunSlurp gets thumbs up on The Doctors

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FunSlurpers have always been big fans of the Potty Putter for its entertainment value, but what about added the health factor? Straining on the porcelain throne is bad for your body, so relaxing and letting your booty doo its duty is essential.

And, how can you do that? Just ask The Doctors…

The Doctors love our Potty Putter and your bowels will too! How cool is that? Who knew keeping your pooper happy could be so good for your golf game? From now you, instead of straining through a real vein popper, chill out and work on your short game. Good time and a happy crapper — best morning prescription ever.

Get your Potty Putter to work on your putt while saving your butt! Doctors’ orders.


The Potty Putter: Golf for Your Bathroom

potty putter

When was the last time you sat down and worked on your short game?

Yeah, I said sat down.

Unless you have the Potty Putter, it was probably never, which for any golfer at heart, is just a darn shame. Think of all that valuable practice time being wasted on magazines and crossword puzzles.

When you have the Potty Putter golf game in your bathroom, you can literally practice putting while you’re sitting on the stool!

Why should you leave the comfort of your own home, pay green fees and deal with the sweltering summer sun when you can sit on the thrown and shave several strokes off your golf game? It seems so uncivilized when you can multitask working on you putting game while you’re dropping some doo in the loo.

Check out the Potty Putter in action!

The Potter Putter is a fantastic gift for yourself or anyone who loves to play golf. Everything you or your pal needs is right in the box.

The Potty Putter bathroom putting green set includes:

  • Putting green (made of the same material used in most mini-golf parks)
  • Two golf balls
  • Hole with flag
  • Bathroom-sized putter

You can have hours of fun, one dump at a time of course, with this family friendly bathroom putting green. We do suggest that you get one for each bathroom, or your mornings are going to be a nightmare. Everyone will want to play!

Since we know how badly you’re itching to get your Potty Putter game on, we’ve marked it down for a limited time! Right now, you can get the Potty Putter bathroom golf game for $16.95! That’s 15% off our regular price. And if you’re our fan on Facebook, don’t forget to use our “Thanks for being rad” Facebook promo code to snag some additional savings on your order!

Click here to order a Potty Putter! Snag ’em while they’re on sale, and get your holiday shopping done early!