Over the Hill Gifts: Papa’s Got a Brand New Gag

It’s hell getting old, but you can make fun of the slow and steady march to wrinkles and senior discounts with some of the newest Over the Hill gag gifts we have at FunSlurp. Let the fellas in your life know you’re there to support them through the slow and surly years with these hilarious new additions to our collection.

Horn Shoe Horn

You’d think that when he got old his feet would shrink like his stature, but just like his ear hair they just seem to keep growing. The Horn Shoe Horn lets him put on his shoes and then honk at the youngsters for walking too fast in the halls or stepping in his lawn.

Over the Hill Farting Cane

old fart farting cane

It’s time to face the facts, he farts more than usual (which you didn’t even think was possible). He may only poop once a week, but he launches an air biscuit every 30 seconds. It’s all part of getting old. That’s straight up science. Now, when he passes gas at least he has something to blame beside the family dog. When it comes to the smell, he’s on his own.

The best part about living with the chronologically challenged is getting to poke fun about it. Let him know you’re there to help him through the golden years and have a blast doing it. You can get these and loads of other side-splitting Over the Hill gag gifts on FunSlurp.com.

Funny Over the Hill Birthday Candles

lost count candles

When you hit a certain age, the only good thing about birthdays is the cake. That icing-covered carby confection makes gaining the extra gray hairs — or losing them — a little more tolerable.

That’s what makes funny over the hill birthday candles such gut busters. It’s that final piece to the perfect over the hill party. Black balloons have their places, but a cake topper that says “nah, na, nah, na, boo-boo, you’re a crusty old codger,” is a special type of jab that only gag birthday candles can provide.

We’ve got a selection of funny over the hill birthday candles that can suit any old fart party needs.

For those who are specifically turning 40, we highly recommend our Over the Hill 4oth Candle or Big 40th Candle.

over the hill 40th candleoh no big 40 candle

 But, we know that any age can be celebrated as an over the hill birthday, so we have plenty other candles for old fart parties. You can go with the classic Over the Hill Candle, OLD Candles, Lost Count Candles or the hilarious and totally timeless Don’t Ask Candle.

don't ask candles

Over the Hill parties are a rite of passage for every man and woman. If you’re throwing a party for the chronologically challenged, you have to go for every laugh. Nothing seals the over the hill gag like some funny candles on top of a birthday cake.

Check out FunSlurp’s over the hill gifts to complete your party theme!

Over the Hill Gag Gifts: Clever Tokens for the Senior Crowd

40 senior moment sign

We all have our own idea of what age qualifies someone as being Over the Hill, but the common denominator is it’s just darn funny. No matter how cool that special someone is…or thinks he is…there’s no escaping Father Time.

Since we enjoy a good “point and laugh” as much as the next guy, we’ve put together a sweet collection of Over the Hill gag gifts for all the old fogies on your shopping list.

Is there a guy at the office who’s over-inflated ego makes you almost as nauseous as his $5 toupee? Or maybe a condescending receptionist that always calls you “kid,” despite the fact that you’re 34 years old? What about Uncle Charlie, who always has a younger date than you at your family reunions? Or maybe you just have a buddy who is happening to hit the big 4-0 a couple months before you?

over the hill pecker detectorOur collection of Over the Hill gifts varies from classic old fart gags, like the Huge Over the Hill Playing Cards, to some more unusual, hilarious and arguably inappropriate products, like the Over the Hill Pecker Detector. No matter who you’re buying for, we’re sure to have just the right gag gift to have every geriatric in the place busting a hip gut.

Check out our selection of Over the Hill gag gifts, party candles, and old fart gifts for all the old and moldy birthday boys and girls you’re fortunate enough to be younger than!