Over the Hill Gags: The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Is someone in your family hitting a milestone birthday?

Not the cool ones, like 16 or 21. I’m talking about those birthdays that always give the birthday girl or boy a twitchy eye for the year preceding or following them.

You know, the ones that end in a big, fat, OLD zero–30, 40, 50 and beyond.

These birthdays often send shivers down celebrants’ spines because being able to refer to your life by past decades is just way too creepy. “I started going gray in my 20s, but the balding hit in the 30s.” Chills.

It’s this natural adverse reaction to milestone birthdays that makes Over the Hill Gags so priceless. And, while there’s no doubt it’s fun to watch the birthday boy open a set of Over the Hill Decision Dice in front of a crowd of friends and family, the art of guerilla gag gifting dear old dad in his own home is freakin’ hilarious.

Taking the time to set up some great gags around the house has multiple payoffs. Everywhere he goes, he’ll be hit by an unexpected Over the Hill gift. You’ll hear his reactions coming from each room he enters as he discovers every new treasure.

If you’re ready to take the Over the Hill gag to the next level, we’ve got some suggestions.

In His Bedroom

His milestone birthday begins when he wakes up, of course in his bedroom. So, reason would tell you this is where the fun should begin. Place the Baldman’s Comb on top of his dresser so he can keep what’s left of his hair sleek and sharp.

Then in his underwear drawer, amongst his paper thin tighty whiteys, add in a pair of Old Man Undies and some Over the Hill Anti-Senility Socks. Good times.

In His Bathroom

Phase two is where he’ll drop a number two–the bathroom. The john is a sacred place for most, which will make this series of hilarious gags even more unexpected and hysterical.

On the back of the toilet, leave him a fresh Over the Hill Diaper to get his day started. Then, by the sink, leave him the Over the Hill Hairbrush, so he can get the expansive spot on top of his head that the Baldman’s Comb doesn’t address. A good shine goes a long way.

Inside the medicine cabinet, where he leaves his toothbrush, you have to leave him an Over the Hill Electronic Ear and Nose Cleaner. It would be irresponsible to leave him hanging.

And, speaking of irresponsible, the piez de resistance is the Over the Hill Potty Night Light. Install it on the inner lid of the toilet so he doesn’t miss the toilet..as often…during his many midnight trips to the loo.

In the Kitchen

Even the kitchen won’t be safe when you add a couple special touches for the old man. Serve him up a frosty drink, complete with Frozen Smiles Ice Cubes. He’ll go to take a sip of his chilled prune juice and it’ll look like there are dentures floating in the glass. Delish!

But, what’s a birthday without a cake? Since he’s too old to use the traditional one candle for each year, cut to the chase, shoot from the hip and just adorn the top of his celebratory dessert with our OLD Candles.

The Living Room

The last room in the house that you have to hit is the living room. Next to his favorite lounging spot, set out our Old Fart Inflatable Hearing Aid, so he can hear what that golf commentator has to say without firing up the surround sound. We also suggest leaving a deck of Over the Hill HUGE Playing Cards by his remote in case he gets bored.


Now that the interior of the house is complete, you better head outdoors, just in case he tries to escape, or more likely, dodders off in senile confusion.

He’ll be able to find his way back home if you mark the lawn with our Over the Hill Yard Sign. And, while he’s away, everyone he drives past will be properly informed that there’s a geriatric on the road when you hang an Over the Hill Parking Permit from his rear view mirror.

Once you’ve got all your gags in place, all you have to do is sit back and wait as his day begins. No matter where he goes or what he does, the Over the Hill hilarity is bound to catch up to him…just like the years.

Happy pranking!

Over the Hill Gag Gifts: Clever Tokens for the Senior Crowd

40 senior moment sign

We all have our own idea of what age qualifies someone as being Over the Hill, but the common denominator is it’s just darn funny. No matter how cool that special someone is…or thinks he is…there’s no escaping Father Time.

Since we enjoy a good “point and laugh” as much as the next guy, we’ve put together a sweet collection of Over the Hill gag gifts for all the old fogies on your shopping list.

Is there a guy at the office who’s over-inflated ego makes you almost as nauseous as his $5 toupee? Or maybe a condescending receptionist that always calls you “kid,” despite the fact that you’re 34 years old? What about Uncle Charlie, who always has a younger date than you at your family reunions? Or maybe you just have a buddy who is happening to hit the big 4-0 a couple months before you?

over the hill pecker detectorOur collection of Over the Hill gifts varies from classic old fart gags, like the Huge Over the Hill Playing Cards, to some more unusual, hilarious and arguably inappropriate products, like the Over the Hill Pecker Detector. No matter who you’re buying for, we’re sure to have just the right gag gift to have every geriatric in the place busting a hip gut.

Check out our selection of Over the Hill gag gifts, party candles, and old fart gifts for all the old and moldy birthday boys and girls you’re fortunate enough to be younger than!