40th Birthday Over the Hill Gag Gifts

When I turned 30, I was happy about it. Many women see it as a curse, clinging to 29 until they have no choice but to upgrade to 39, but not me. I was ready to kiss my 20s goodbye. What was the big deal, right? 30 is totally the new 20…or something.

But, 40? 40 is different. Now that I’m in my mid-30s, I’m growing less nonchalant about my age. It’s not just a number. For some reason, 40 seems like a big deal to me. Not really in a bad way, but there does seem to be a undeniable maturity to the big 4-0. In your 30s you can still get away with Converse sneakers and NKOTB tee shirts if you own it. In your 40s you have to be eccentric…and filthy rich…to pull that business off.

Yep. 40 is different. That’s why it deserves a little…or a lot…more attention and fanfare. It’s the perfect age to go all out with the Over the Hill Gag Gifts, black balloons and embarrassing announcements at restaurants, in the front lawn, at the office and of course all local news and social media outlets.

Most of these elements for the perfect 40th birthday extravaganza can probably be taken care of locally, but when it comes to specialty Over the Hill gag gifts for this once in a lifetime occasion, FunSlurp.com is the place to go. In addition to our selection of Over the Hill products which are appropriate for any wrinkle fest, we also have these awesome 40th birthday party supplies and gag gifts:

Oh No Big 40 Candle

40 big 4 0

Bottle T-Shirt – 40 & Aged to Perfection

40 wine shirt

Over the Hill 40th Birthday Bead Necklace

40 necklace

Over the Hill 40th Birthday Too Pooped to Party Candle

40 candle

40th Birthday Look Like Poop Gag Gift Box

40 poop box

40 Year Old Senior Moment Sign

40 year old caution

For these and a wide variety of other hilarious gags and gifts, check out FunSlurp.com today!


Over the Hill Gag Gifts: Clever Tokens for the Senior Crowd

40 senior moment sign

We all have our own idea of what age qualifies someone as being Over the Hill, but the common denominator is it’s just darn funny. No matter how cool that special someone is…or thinks he is…there’s no escaping Father Time.

Since we enjoy a good “point and laugh” as much as the next guy, we’ve put together a sweet collection of Over the Hill gag gifts for all the old fogies on your shopping list.

Is there a guy at the office who’s over-inflated ego makes you almost as nauseous as his $5 toupee? Or maybe a condescending receptionist that always calls you “kid,” despite the fact that you’re 34 years old? What about Uncle Charlie, who always has a younger date than you at your family reunions? Or maybe you just have a buddy who is happening to hit the big 4-0 a couple months before you?

over the hill pecker detectorOur collection of Over the Hill gifts varies from classic old fart gags, like the Huge Over the Hill Playing Cards, to some more unusual, hilarious and arguably inappropriate products, like the Over the Hill Pecker Detector. No matter who you’re buying for, we’re sure to have just the right gag gift to have every geriatric in the place busting a hip gut.

Check out our selection of Over the Hill gag gifts, party candles, and old fart gifts for all the old and moldy birthday boys and girls you’re fortunate enough to be younger than!