Luscious Lip Straws and Stache Straws are Fun for Everyone

Whether you’re slurping up a frosty milkshake or a cool glass of lemonade, straws just make the experience more delightful. Add giggles to your refreshing drinks with silly straws approved by laugh lovers of all ages with our Luscious Lip Straws and Mustache Straws.

fun straws

Each package of Lip or Stache Straws comes with six reusable straw ornaments and a set of straws to start you out. Just slide a mustache or set of pouty lips on and every sip you take will have your friends and family in stitches.

Thirsty Thursday Fun Straws!

Do you like to meet up with your friends for some Thirsty Thursday fun? Whether you’re toasting happy hour with cocktails, milkshakes or sodas, having a great time should definitely be on the menu. Great company and conversation can only get better when you add a little silliness to the mix with some fun straws. They ward off boredom and any heavy, dull or depressing convos that could threaten carefree, happy vibes.

Toss out the boring bendy straws and upgrade to one of these funky fresh alternatives to keep the night light and playful!

For sharing…


Surprise you group of pals with our Luscious Lip Straws or Mustache Straws. They’re sure to get the laughs started and will grab the attentions of other fun-loving groups of Thirsty Thursday participants.

For individuality…

drinking straw glasses

If you’re looking for something that will set you apart from the crowd, the Straw Drinking Glasses promise to deliver. They’re as fun for others to watch as they are for you to use. Put them on, sip your drink and BOOM…instant center of attention. Everyone will want to get to know you.

Keeping your Thirsty Thursday fun and memorable can be as simple as ditching the average, everyday straws and surprising your friends with these fun straws instead. Stop by our store and get some today!


12 Mustache Gifts for Serious Mustache Lovers

If you enjoy mustaches as much as we do, it would be absolutely absurd to miss out on being the proud owner of these fantabulous stachetastic gems. You don’t want to be caught with these debonair mustaches in your stache stash.

1. Mustache Push Pins

mustache push pins

If you liked it than you shoulda putta pin in it.

2. Stylish Fake Mustaches

mustache variety pack

From “No ‘Stache” to “Mo’ ‘Stache” in a flash.

3. Mustache Egg Fryer

mustache egg fryerThis is your breakfast on ‘stache.

4. Stache Straws Mustache Straws

mustache straws

Mysteriously refreshing.

5. Mat The Mustache Doormat

mustache doormatPardon me, but I mustache you wipe your feet.

6. Mustache Mints in Tin

mustache mints tin

Savor the flavor saver.

7. Mustache Cork Coasters

mustache cork coastersTo safely ‘stache any drink.

8. Mustache Cookie Cutters

mustache cookie cutters

The height of cookie sophistication.

9. Mustache Ice Tray

mustache ice tray

Chillin’ like villain.

10. Mustache Bandages

mustache adhesive bandages

All the natural healing powers of the mo’ in one handy tin.

11. Mustache Sandwich Cutter

mustache sandwich cutters

PB&J just got three shades of sexy.

12. Mustache Bag Clips

mustache bag clips

Some styles never go stale.

If you’re serious about achieving mustachioed greatness you have to diversify your mouth brow collection today!

Two New Mustache Products for Parties and Fun

There is a huge mustache craze going on right now, and you don’t want to miss out!

There’s just something wicked funny about enjoying a few drinks and hanging out with all your best mustachioed pals. Whether you’re going for the Pringles guy, Magnum P.I. or just want a sinister ice breaker, we’ve got your guests upper lips covered.

Along with our other mustache products, we’re happy to have added some cool new additions!

Stache Straws

mustache straw

Cock your eyebrow while you drink your Long Island and everyone will think you’re magnetic and mysterious.

Mustache Sunglasses

Eat your heart out, Tom Selleck.