Holiday kisses for all – Instant mistletoe solutions!

Having trouble claiming kisses?

When it comes to getting some smooches on the sly, mistletoe has long been the holiday’s version of Cupid’s arrow. Somewhere a long time ago, an ugly guy started telling people they had to kiss him if they were under the mistletoe. Some fools bought into it and the rest of us (fabulous or fugly) have reaped the benefits ever since. Thanks, ugly guy!

Since then, homely hunchbacks and randy frat guys everywhere have been trying to figure out ways to introduce the mistletoe to everyone they meet during the holiday season. If you’re on the prowl for a good kiss, then try our Inflatable Mistletoe and Instant Mistletoe.

Inflatable Mistletoe

inflatable mistletoe

Save your breath on an inflatable soul mate and blow up our Inflatable Mistletoe instead. Bring it out at parties, work, church or wherever you can get away with it without being shot or arrested. (Stay away from family reunions, FYI.)

Instant Mistletoe Headband


You’ll be under a constant Mistletoe Cloud when you wear the Instant Mistletoe. It stays attached to you 24-7, so you can even try and plant one on the Sandman before you go to sleep. If you do end up getting placed in the pokey for kissing, then you might want to tuck away the mistletoe. The last thing you want is to be forced to cuddle up with Spike because of the law of the mistletoe.

Whether you’re a beauty queen or should hide under a potato sack, mistletoe levels the playing field. Get your Inflatable Mistletoe and Instant Mistletoe headband and sacks full of other unique Christmas gifts and gags on

24 Days of Christmas Fun: Day 1 – Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Don’t look now, but we have an epidemic on our hands: Boring Gift Syndrome.

Do you have boring gift syndrome? It affects everyone. Gift givers who know their presents are yawn-worthy try to avoid eye contact when unlucky unwrap their packages. Recipients quickly say “thank you” and set the box aside hoping the pure boredom didn’t show in their twinkleless eyes. Everyone cries on the inside while they sadly repeat “It’s the thought that counts,” in their heads.

Whether you’re giving the gift or receiving it, a present is always more exciting and memorable if it’s fun and fresh. Christmas gifts are supposed to be fun aren’t they? Of course they are!

So, this year we’re taking a stand against Boring Gift Syndrome by launching a Campaign Against Boring Gifts!

Every day between now and December 20th we’ll be highlighting new gifts that will fight BGS by being fun and unique. Kiss the ties and underwear of yesteryear goodbye, because we’re serious about bringing the merry back into your Merry Christmas!

Let’s get started, shall we?

24 Days of Christmas Fun: Day 1

Unboring Gifts: Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Inflatable Christmas Tree

inflatable christmas tree

Our inflatable tree makes a great gift for anybody on your Christmas list. It’s compact when it’s in its can, and can quickly be blown up to bring holiday joy to the home, office, car or anywhere else.

Inflatable Mistletoe

inflatable mistletoe

Know someone who could use a little extra romance this Christmas? Our inflatable mistletoe is sure to bring some smiles and smooches to the lucky recipient! Best of all, it’s compact so you can take it anywhere!

Are you putting together a Christmas care package? You don’t want to forget the Inflatable Christmas Tree and Inflatable Mistletoe!

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 of 24 Days of Christmas Fun and join our Campaign Against Boring Gifts!

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Get your Christmas party supplies now!

Are you planning a holiday soiree and need some fun, unique Christmas party supplies? FunSlurp should be your first stop for holiday themed party supplies, because we know how to throw a happening shindig that would make Santa cross his fingers to be invited.

First, you’ll need some holiday napkins, perfectly suited for a Christmas party…

Santa Suit Napkins

santa suit napkinsThen, you have to turn your attention to beverages. If you’ll be serving canned drinks at your Christmas party, you’ll need to have something to keep your cans as chilly as the North Pole itself…

Stocking Drink Koozie

stocking drink koozie

Now, if it’s wine on the menu, then you’re going to want dress it up in style. Bust out these wine glasses and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Red Cup Wine Glasses

red cup wine glasses

But, if you insist on more traditional wine glasses, you’ll need to jazz them up with these great charms so nobody mixes up their glasses.

Christmas Wine Charms

christmas wine charms

Either way, you’ll need the appropriate bottle stopper to keep that delicious Merlot fresh between pours.

Candy Cane Bottle Stopper

candy cane bottle stopper

And finally, there’s one last thing you need to add to your list of Christmas party supplies…inspiration.

Inflatable Mistletoe

inflatable mistletoe

FunSlurp is happy to be party of your holiday season and is adding new Christmas party supplies and goodies often, so keep checking our Merry Christmas page for more yuletide fun!