The Halloween Candy Hierarchy #SpookUptheFun

As a kid, Halloween wasn’t about scaring people or spooky happenings, it was about candy. The kid with the biggest haul wins. Beyond sheer volume, there were many tiers of candy goodness and some were always better than others.

At the top of the candy food chain was the full-sized candy bar. It was like the Holy Grail of candy. Kids spent their entire childhoods in search of the elusive prize, but only a few actually got one. They were always the kings of Halloween.

The tier below that is reserve for the homemade treats and bite sized candy bars. Your balls of candied popcorn, small Kit Kats and other popular chocolate bars were a far second from tier 1, but if you could get enough of them your Halloween was a success.

The off brand candy bars and treats are in the next tier. These never tasted great, but hell, it was chocolate, so it was good enough.

Near the bottom of the barrel, were the cheap candies that came in bags of like 6,000 for $1. Those heinous treats were nearly inedible and always the ones leftover two weeks later when you went for the candy bag. We ate them because they were pure sugar, but weren’t proud of it.

The final tier is reserved for those sick and twisted folks that tried to teach us a lesson. The ones that would drop an apple, toothbrush or (cringe) dental floss into your bag. These were the houses you avoided like the plague. Who wanted to be reminded that we were rotting our teeth? Nobody, that’s who.

What are you giving out at Halloween this year?

Halloween Then and Now #SpookUptheFun

As a child I remember waking up on Halloween with the same excitement that I had on Christmas day. In only a few short hours, I would be knee deep in chocolate and scaring the neighbors with my costume of the year.

I loved costumes. I was a vampire, devil, ghost and even Rainbow Brite one year — spooky. As I got older, I became just as interested in the tricks as I was the treats. The little tricks like fart spray and fake roaches were ammunition in my prank arsenal. (I grew up with an older brother, so it was basically self-defense.)

Eventually, I got over the pranks and instead focused on the decorations and my children’s costumes. I keep trying to get my husband to dress up every year and he keeps shooting me down. I’ll never give up though.

Halloween isn’t just about the scares and the candy. It’s about being a kid again. We’re constantly railed with the trials and tribulations of being an adult. It’s all about working and paying the bills, but we never get to have the kind of fun like we did as a kid.

Sitting out on my front porch with my bowl of candy in hand, I get a thrill as little ghosts and goblins come searching for my bag of goodies. I love trying to figure out what the costumes are and marvel at the ingenuity of some of these parents.

When the night is over, the porch light goes off and all the little one head to bed with bellies full of chocolate. I like to stay up for a little while and watch a scary movie with the hubz. I guess there are some advantages to being an adult on Halloween.

Take Halloween to the Office #SpookUptheFun

Welcome to Day 4 of 31 Days to Spook Up the Fun!!

All kinds of people love Fun Slurp’s hilarious gifts, gags and gadgets, but everyone shares one common personality trait – we all (myself included) enjoy having a great time, no matter where we are, even the office. Surrounding ourselves with fun people and things is the key to a great holiday season, so we want to help you take some Halloween goodies to work with you.

Giving your desk, cubicle, locker or other workspace some spooky flair doesn’t have to be a huge, overstated decorating concept. In fact, when it comes to Halloween office decorations, less is more. Check out these wickedly simple ways to add some holiday to your surroundings.

Start out the Halloween office theme right at the very beginning of your day, by slapping some Skeleton Keys Caps on your set of work keys. They’re funky and fun and also glow in the dark for those late nights on the graveyard shift. (Six key caps in a set.)

skeleton key caps


The next thing you can do is put your boring notepad in your desk and bring out something that involves murder…dun, dun, dun!!!!

murder ink notepad

The Murder Ink Notepad is a simple but wickedly macabre conversation starter that’s as handy as it is hilarious…or disturbing. For added authenticity, secure the perimeter with our mini crime scene tape.



And, to cap off your halloween office motif, make yourself an instant costume by sliding in a pair of hillbilly teeth for any chance encounters with coworkers at the water fountain.

hillbilly teeth


And, last but certainly not least, you’re going to be happy to set out an Emergency Inflatable Brain this Halloween and then “forget” to put it away after the holiday. It may just offer up some better input that the doofus in your office who always gets put on your team or committee.

inflatable Brain

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