Prank gift boxes bring laughs to Christmas morning

There’s no reason why Christmas can’t be just as fun as April Fool’s Day thanks to our outrageous prank gift boxes. You don’t have to put your dad’s tie or chia pet in an ordinary gift box when prank boxes can provide tons of laughs and more than a few worried looks from your relatives. Isn’t that what the holidays are about anyway?

Prank boxes feature products that are hilarious, but don’t actually exist. These fantastic boxes fool the recipient into thinking you actually bought a ridiculous present for some unfathomable reason. It’s only after they open the box and see the real gift you placed inside that they’ll know they’ve been bamboozled and you haven’t totally lost your mind.

prank gift box

Take for example the Pet Petter. Any animal lover would be appalled to get an apparatus that pets their beloved animal for them. It’s like you’re telling them they don’t have the time to pet little Tabby. Watch as they grimace and try their best to look grateful.

And, who doesn’t have a tech-savvy friend or relative on their Christmas list? Everyone is looking for that next great Apple accessory. The i-Arm prank box lets them think they can wear their tablet and other oversized electronics on their wrists like accessories. It’s completely preposterous, but how can they say no when it’s the thought that counts?

prank gift box

The good news is when the open the box your real present is waiting inside, so make it a good one…like, say, one from

Happy Prankster’s Holidays!

Prank Gift Boxes…A Brilliant New Trend in Holiday Pranking

beer beard

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom has always had a bizarre habit of hording strange boxes in various shapes and sizes for gift giving. At first, we thought she was too cheap thrifty to buy real gift boxes, but now that I’m older, wiser and…erm..have nosy children, I realize that she was actually trying to throw us off.

Somehow, she’d figured out that we were rotten, little monsters that had various methods of accidentally piercing and/or peeling wrapping paper to get an up-close exclusive on what was inside.

Stinkin’ moms and their telepathic naughty radars.

I’d like to say I grew out of it, but really, I’m a sad, weak woman with no impulse control. I can’t stand surprises if I know they’re coming, so I just have to look.

Know someone like me?

The big boss man found a solution to prank sneaky jerks (like yours truly) that can’t keep their peepers out of the gift wrap.

These prank gift boxes take all the fun out of snooping in presents by tricking the recipient into thinking he or she is the proud new owner of a ridiculous piece of crap.

blankeez prank gift box

When Peeky Polly takes an unauthorized look at her birthday present, she’ll be surprised to see a box for a gift that nobody in the universe could appreciate, like the Blankeez blanket which features multiple head holes for uber togetherness.

When she comes back all huffy, because she was hoping for a sparkly diamond, go ahead and let her sulk until the big day. She deserves it.

She may not be stoked about the gift she thinks she’s getting, but when she opens up the prank gift box, she’ll be more surprised than ever! It’s a double win for you. You get to teach her a lesson and then still be the hero with the jaw-dropping gift.

Trust me, she’ll forgive you.