On a roll: Three funny new toilet papers

Arguably, the most important feature of any bathroom is the toilet, so why do people pay so little attention to its bosom buddy, the toilet paper roll? Without some good TP, the chances of a happy pit stop are close to zero, especially if you’re there to drop the kids off at the pool.

Some may say the only options for toilet tissue are one- or two-ply, but we know better. In fact, we’ve sworn to eradicate toilet paper ignorance one roll of fun toilet paper at a time. That’s why we have so many different types, from politicians to camouflage! When it comes to cool ways to wipe your butt, we’ve got something perfect for every throne room.

And we’ve added even more! Check them out!

For those who live in constant fear that you’ll run out of toilet tissue, and you know who you are, we highly recommend keeping at least one roll of Emergency Toilet Paper stationed in every bathroom of your house.

emergency toilet paperIf you’re tired of reading shampoo bottles and would rather be challenging your mind while you drop a load, grab a pen and a roll of our Sudoku Toilet Paper. Rather than straining to get the job done in the commode, you can can exercise that brain muscle and let everything else work itself out naturally.

sudoku puzzle toilet paperAnd, if you’re wondering how everything within arms reach measures up, channel your inner carpenter with the Tape Measure Toilet Paper. Pinch a loaf and take measurements for that new vanity your wife has been begging for at the same time – in inches or centimeters!

tape measure toilet paperYou can grab these along with load of other styles of fun toilet paper in our shop at FunSlurp.com. Finally, your toilet will have a companion worthy of its awesomeness and you can clean that derriere with the tissue that best suits your unique personality.

Happy Birthday Toilet Paper

happy birthday toilet paper

It’s not everyday we encourage you to wipe your butt with a birthday gift. But then again, not every present is as pleasant to a birthday bum as Happy Birthday Toilet Paper.

This balloon clad, rear-pampering bathroom wonder is a fun celebration for your posterior who just so happens to share your big day, but is rarely recognized. As a bonus, you can recapture that special birthday boy feeling every time you hit the lieu until the whole roll is gone.

If your big day isn’t happening soon, you can always get a roll for a friend. Everyone knows a Stinkfinger Freddy, and you can give yours a gentle nudge towards hygiene with some festive Happy Birthday Toilet Paper. It’s the perfect way to tell him, “Happy Birthday, funky dude. Clean your butt.”

You can find this and other funny toilet paper and unique birthday gifts in our store all year round.

Funny Toilet Paper: A Celebration

Toilet paper. It’s the unsung hero of personal hygiene. Not a day goes by when you can live without the stuff, yet it’s never given its due props.

Frankly, we think that crap stinks.

So, today we salute toilet paper, but not just any ordinary, white TP. We’re simply cooler than that. And, because we believe that everything should be funny and unique, we’re applauding novelty toilet paper. Why? It’s the shiz; that’s why.

Toilet paper doesn’t have to be ordinary just because it’s duty is doody. That’s as unfair as it is plain, old boring. And, it’s in this spirit that we present our selection of funny toilet paper.

Happy Birthday Toilet Paper

birthday toilet paper

Start the big day with with a celebratory dump.

Generic Toilet Paper for Cheap A-holes

generic toilet tissue for cheap

Despite your pleas for two-ply, he brings back bargain basement tissue that would make Sheryl Crow need to wind it around her hands.

100 Dollar Bill Toilet Paper

100 dollar bill toilet paper

Rockin’ a deuce-free derriere is so money.

Camo Toilet Paper

camo toilet paper

Those rear smears won’t even see it coming.

Obama Toilet Paper

obama toilet paper

Can you clean your bum with the Commander and Chief? Yes you can!

Toilet paper is the potty companion you can’t doo without, so why shouldn’t it be extraordinary. When you have funny toilet paper at the ready, you’ll be smiling from sit to swirl.