Funny Baby Gifts: Five Silly Pacifiers for Babies

Fact: The first few years of parenthood seem longer than the rest. Having the right baby supplies can make them a little more pleasant because happy babies are where it’s at! Having the right baby supplies and getting a good chuckle from them at the same time? Now that’s just priceless.

If you’re looking for some unique baby shower gifts or new baby presents, don’t forget to give the proud parents something that will be useful and make them giggle too. These funny new pacifiers were added today.

new pacifiersThe Volume Control Pacifier will come in handy when baby is taking the wailing up to an 11. And, if the tot has been changed, fed, swaddled and rocked but is still singing the blues, it’s totally okay to panic with the Panic Button Pacifier.

And, while you’re grabbing the newest additions to our group of silly pacifiers, don’t forget to check out our other tried and true binkies.

old pacifiers

The Two Front Teeth Pacifier, Lil King Pacifier and Mustache Pacifier are all sure to lighten the mood when baby is fussy. Hilarious and soothing to the little angel? Best baby present ever.

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24 Days of Christmas Fun: Day 5 – Funny Baby Gifts

Christmas should be fun for the entire family, and that most definitely includes the baby! Let Aunt Carol or Uncle Dave buy the typical footie pajamas or teddy bears. Go for something more memorable!

Our funny baby gifts will give your baby, niece, nephew or grandchild something to gurgle about!

Funny Baby Pacifiers

funny baby pacifiers

We have four styles of funny baby pacifiers:

Buff Baby Dumbell Rattle

buff baby dumbell rattle

Your little bundle can show off her adorable little guns when she’s doing some not so heavy lifting with this hilarious rattle.

Tuxedo Baby Bib

tuxedo bib

Even snack time can be a formal affair with this funny baby bib.

Don’t let the baby’s first Christmas be a boring one! Stop by FunSlurp and get him or her funny baby gifts that will be unforgettable!

Come back tomorrow for 24 Days of Christmas Fun: Day 6.

Funny Pacifiers for Awesome Babies

Babies are cute and cuddly by nature, but it takes a little while for their senses of humor to kick in. That’s why it’s up to mom and dad to help them along. What kind of parent would you be if you didn’t take goofy pictures to share with future girlfriends and boyfriends? It’s not just a right, it’s a duty.

We’re here to help you on your mission. We know how important hilarious baby photos are, so we’ve selected some simple, tried and true funny pacifiers to give you a hand in making all the embarrassing baby pictures of your dreams a gut-busting reality.

Lil King Pacifier

lil king pacifier

The Lil King is a little bit vampire, a little bit hillbilly and a whole lotta funny.

Two Front Teeth Pacifier

two front teeth pacifierThe Two Front Teeth Pacifier gives your little one buckteeth to the extreme. Beavers would point and laugh.

Charlie Boy Pacifier

charlie boy pacifierEvery mom is chomping at the bit for her tiny cherub to get a mouthful of pearly whites. No need to wait with the Charlie Boy Pacifier.

Besides making for fabulous photos, these funny pacifiers are also must-haves for:

  • Family reunions
  • Shopping trips
  • Mommy-and-me yoga classes
  • Dinners out
  • Weddings
  • Doctor visits
  • Trips to the park
  • Anywhere where strangers, family and friends will be compelled to make goo goo eyes at your adorable baby

As a bonus, add pair one of these funny pacifiers with the classy Tuxedo Baby Bib for a touch of elegance.