Oy Vey and Crap Mugs Say It All

Many of us can’t seem to function in the morning without a cup (or pot) of java caffeinating our bodies and waking us up for the day ahead. People will spend hours pouring over different coffees and coffee makers in the hopes of getting the most rewarding experience. Some have even gone so far as to actually pay top dollar for coffee that has been pooped out of an exotic cat’s butt. That’s some straight up crazy coffee lovin’ right there.

As important as that perfect brew is, one area people often forget about is the cup. We head to the cabinet and grab the first one we see. We want your cup to reflect type of person you are or the day you’re probably going to have. What better way to express yourself than with a steaming hot cup of attitude?

oy vey mug

The Oy Vey Mug is perfect for those Monday mornings when you know you’re going to have to deal with a cadre of idiots at work. History has given you good reason to suspect that the world’s going to come crashing down once you enter your office, and it’s going to be all up to you to fix it. You might as well start the day strong with the right coffee mug.

crap mug

When you know your day I going to suck, there’s no better cup than the Crap Mug. It gives those around you the clear impression that they’d better stay away until you’re in a better mood. That one self-explanatory mug could save lives, or at least headaches.

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Celebrate National Coffee Day with a new funny coffee mug!

There are two types of people: coffee addicts lovers and everyone else. Those who’ve managed to miss the sheer joy of the first pot of morning joe can’t begin to comprehend the passionate devotion the rest of us feel for our favorite brews or the mugs we put them in.

While most of us would drink our java from our bare hands if we had to, most of us are partial to the solid, heavy feel of ceramic coffee mug. It just tastes better. And, when you’re sipping that piping hot liquid awesome from a funny coffee mug, it makes the morning a whole lot easier to bear.

Heck, these funny coffee mugs might even might make you crack a smile despite the fact you’re awake at the buttcrack of dawn.

Grenade Mug

grenade mug

This mug is an appropriate choice for home or the office. Either way, they’ll get the message they’re playing with fire.

Two Carat Ring Coffee Mug

wedding ring mug

For the ladies who like their coffee “taken” not stirred.

Battery Morph Mug

battery morph mug

The miss or mister in charge of keeping this heat sensitive mug filled will have no excuse for allowing your cup to get cold–or worse–empty.

Coffee Toilet Mug

toilet coffee mug

*BACK IN STOCK* The toilet mug is so poopular that we can’t keep it on the shelf. Seriously. We’re not shartin’ ya.

The Customizable Coffee Mug

customizable coffee mug

The mug that says EXACTLY what’s on your mind.

Putter Cup Golf Mug

golf putt mug Practice your putts while your coffee cools off from molten to blistering.


Photo: flickr.com/photos/petesimon/3365916822

Unique Coffee Mugs to Help You Express Yourself

For a caff addict like me, coffee is a jump start to my day and insurance that my family won’t be plagued by Angry McZombiemom all day long. With such importance lying within every molecule of this liquid powerhouse, it deserves an appropriate vessel for transport from coffee pot to caffeine-deprived lips.

Some people don’t care what their mug looks like as long as they get their barrels full of java. Others like to sip their cup ‘o joe from a mug with some lighthearted quip or inspirational mumbo jumbo.

Not this girl.

I prefer my morning brew to be kept in something as fun and quirky as I am…after I’ve had my standard two pots of coffee. The kind of morning I’m having often has something to do with which mug will get tapped for the job.

If you don’t have an appropriate coffee mug selection, you’re in luck! We’ve got some rad and, of course, unique coffee mugs to help you express yourself before the caffeine’s kicked in.

Toilet Coffee Mug

toilet coffee mug

Appropriate for Mondays? And. How.

Grenade Coffee Mug

grenade coffee mug

Says: “Yeah, I took the last cup of coffee. You want some of this? Nah, I didn’t think so.”

Tank Up Coffee Mug

tank up coffee mug

For mornings when you want to let your loved ones know when they can safely ask what’s for breakfast.

Two Carat Ring Coffee Mug

ring coffee mug

Reminds him that you’re technically still available and he should proceed with caution…and cough up that stinking ring before the fit hits the shan.

Customizable Coffee Mug

personalized coffee mug

If you truly want to get your feelings out, this mug will say it all…as soon as you write it.