Sizzling Sweet Bacon Candy

Bacon is good on everything. Burgers. Pizza. Turkey sandwiches. Heck, even filet mignon likes to wear the occasional bacon jacket. But, there’s no doubt about it, bacon can also hold its own with no accompaniment necessary.

In fact, bacon is such a one man army, we’ve taken it beyond the menu straight to the candy aisle, so everyone can have a candy treat — any time, any place. Take a look at our bacon flavored confections.

Bacon Mints

bacon candy mints

Bacon Candy Peppermints

bacon candy peppermints

Bacon Jelly Beans

bacon beans jelly beans

Bacon Gumballs

bacon gumballs

And, if you’re too scared to try our bacon flavored candy, you can always just go for our strawberry flavored bacon gummies. They look like bacon, but taste sweet and fruity.

bacon gummy candy

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24 Days of Christmas Fun: Day 6 – Bacon Stocking filled with Bacon Gifts

Every great day starts with bacon, so shouldn’t the perfect Christmas morning start with a Bacon Stocking filled with funny bacon gifts? You’ll be serving up some holiday fun that will have every bacon lover salivating over these sizzling theme gifts!

bacon stocking

Take a look at just a few of our favorite funny bacon gifts and stocking stuffers!

Bacon Band Aids

bacon band aids

Ahh…the healing powers of bacon…

The Dancing Dashboard Bacon

dashboard bacon dancer

Every trip is better when the bacon is shakin’!

Bacon Lip Balm

bacon lip balm

Lip smackin’ greasy deliciousness…

Bacon Wallet

bacon wallet

Put your money where your meat is.

Bacon Ornament

bacon ornament

The holidays are always sparkly with the glistening shimmer of bacon.

Bacon Spoon Rest

bacon spoon rest

Make that stove top sizzle!

Bacon Candy Peppermints

bacon candy peppermintsSweet, with a bacon twist.

Waking up to bacon makes everyone smile…and salivate. Make Crispmas Christmas bright with a bacon stocking filled to the brim with funny bacon gifts.

We’ll see you tomorrow for 24 Days of Christmas: Day 7.


No Bacon Shortage at

bacon lovers package

A world with less bacon? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

The mere thought of a bacon shortage makes us cringe. Visions of zombified bacon-hungry Americans shambling from grocery store to corn butcher shop chill us to our bones. That’s why we’re dedicated to making darn sure there is no bacon shortage on!

We’re taking a stand. Right here. Right now. Up yours, Department of Agriculture! We got oodles of funny bacon gifts, because America needs it!

We’ve got bacon for your car!

dancing dashboard bacon

Dancing Dashboard Bacon

We’ve got bacon for your lips!

bacon lip balm

Bacon Lip Balm

We’ve got bacon for your breath!

bacon candy peppermints

Bacon Candy Peppermints

We’ve got bacon for your teeth!

bacon toothpaste

Bacon  Flavored Toothpaste

We’ve got bacon for your money!

bacon wallet

Bacon Wallet

Heck we even have bacon for your Christmas Tree!

bacon christmas tree ornament

Bacon Ornament

We’re not happy about all this bacon shortage business, so we refuse to be any part of it! You want fun bacon gifts? We’ve got just what you need and we always will!

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