Super Bowl Fans, be prepared with the Six Pack Belt!

The only thing more painful than watching the team you’re rooting for lose is missing the great commercials. Don’t miss a second of those hilarious 30 second spots during the Super Bowl this year! Grab our one of handy six pack belts and you’ll be prepared for the big game!

camo beer belt

Our belts come in two styles, the Six Pack Camo Belt and the Tie Dye Six Pack Belt, so every football fan can have his or her own. Each belt holds six standard cans or bottles of your favorite beverage at the ready without ever having to run to the fridge.

Get your six pack belt and other Super Bowl must-haves on Order by 12pm CST on January 29 to get your order in time for Super Bowl Sunday!

Are you ready for some Thanksgiving football?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with it comes a whole lot of good eats and, of course, the Thanksgiving football game. There are no complaints here, except that the game always comes right after we eat. Naturally a bountiful feast followed by some hard-hitting NFL action is a beautiful thing, but it does bring its challenges.

As if it’s not hard enough to stay awake after noshing on some turkey and pumpkin pie, then you have to waddle your overstuffed self back and forth to the fridge for brew after brew. It’s exhausting and hardly the way to celebrate the holiday…especially when you have to rest up for Black Friday.

We’ve got a couple simple solutions for this Thanksgiving nightmare.

First, to keep the blood pumping so you don’t miss a single play, you need to keep moving. Don’t worry, you won’t have to leave your seat. We’re totally better than that.

What you need is the Football Cocktail Shaker. This football-shaped drink shaker works two holiday miracles. Not only do you get to toss around the pigskin during the game to stay awake, but you’ll actually be mixing a sweet cocktail for the wife. You’ll score some major brownie points, AND she won’t give you a hard time for throwing a ball around the house.

But what about you? You can’t be sipping on a mojito while all the relatives around.

Solution? Our Six Pack Camo Belt! You won’t  be trudging to the fridge every ten minutes when you have this handy contraption strapped to your waist. You’ll be able to keep six bottles or cans of your favorite beer right at your disposal without having to leave the comfort of you couch. Nice? Duh. That’s what we do!

Gathering around the Thanksgiving football game is as much a part of the holiday tradition as Aunt Martha’s homemade gravy. Why blemish a perfect day with all that uncomfortable walking or sleeping through the winning touchdown?