Binocular Flask Goes to the Ballpark

binocular flask box

We’d like to give a shout out to our Binocular Flask’s Biggest Fan, Jim, who has sent us pictures of his latest adventure with his dual barreled traveler!

In our store, the binocular flasks just sit on a shelf. All boxed up. Lonely. Yearning to be appreciated by someone who understands the importance of a flask that can cloak two different drinks behind its clever binocular facade.

And, then it happens.

A true aficionado of fun, like our friend Jim, comes along and orders a hopeful binocular flask and within 24 hours, it’s mailed out to its new home. Where will it go? What will it see?

Last year, Jim’s binocular flask went tailgating at the Ryder Cup and had a heck of a time. The two knew then that they were a perfect match and would have many adventures together.

binocular flask tailgating

Then, over the weekend, they welcomed the warm weather with a new adventure: Binocular Flask’s first trip to the ballpark. The anticipation for the game was almost tangible as they prepared for their trip.

filling binocular flask

Then when they were settled in at the stadium, they had a great time watching the game together…a better time than most.

binocular flask

We look forward to seeing their next adventure together! And many more after that. Thanks so much, Jim, for sharing them with us. We’re always excited to see our products going to good homes where they will be loved and appreciated.

If you have pictures or videos using our products, we’d LOVE to see them. You can post them right on our Facebook page and we’ll be happy to share.



Concealed Celebration: Unusual Flasks Just In Time For St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up next week, so it’s time to prepare. If you’re having a party, but don’t want to share the “good stuff” with your guests, these unusual flasks will keep your expensive liquor close at hand, but incognito.

Let them drink from the keg of Keystone Light (shame on you) while you sneak the occasional nip of Scotch. Good times will be had by all!

binocular flaskBinocular Flask: Funnel some spirits into the binocular flask and tell folks you’re taking a vacation from reality or keeping a lookout for party-crashing hotties.

belly flaskBooze Belly Flask: Fill ‘er up and belt ‘er on under your “Kiss me I’m Irish…today!” shirt. No one will ever be the wiser. If anyone gets curious, tell them it’s medical and ask if they want to see. Trust me, they won’t, and you might just score a sympathy lap dance from the sorority girl wannabe who has a soft spot for wounded, well, anything.

cell phone flaskCell Phone Flask: Who doesn’t have a cell phone on them all the time? Tell your party guests that you’re “on call” and don’t want to miss any important…glug…messages…glug glug.

Sharing is caring, unless it’s a bottle of fine liqueur. Then it’s just silly. Don’t get caught in a situation where you have waste a single drop on the melon-head from your office that you just couldn’t avoid inviting.

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