Bacon Gifts for New Car Owners

We give presents to people we love when they have a new baby or buy a new house. Why stop there? Getting a new car is a big deal. Doesn’t such an occasion deserve an awesome gift? Of course!

If you know someone who’s about to get behind the wheel of a new ride, put together a little gift package to tell them congratulations. It doesn’t matter if the gift is for a 16 year old getting the keys to her first jalopy or your rich uncle adding a new Viper to his collection. Everyone loves gifts…especially when they’re fun bacon gifts like these.

Congratulate the new car owner with the ultimate bacon combo – our Bacon Air Freshener and Dancing Dashboard Bacon Dancer! While the freshener covers up that pesky new car smell with sizzling deliciousness, the bacon dancer rocks out on every drive.

bacon combo 1You can get these tasty bacon gifts for new car owners as well as loads of other fun bacon products at


Stinky car? Fight back with unique air fresheners!

cupcake air freshener

Have you ever had to borrow someone’s car and found that it smelled like something died in there? You look around for the offensive odor, but after poking a few mounds of old fast food containers and what you think might have been a high school science project, you make the wise decision that not knowing is probably better. Besides, there’s a very good chance you probably will find something dead in there.

Still, you’re in a bind and really need to get to work and your buddy’s dumpster on wheels is your only option. Somehow, you have to get to work and back without barfing on your company polo.

What to do?

Drive with your head hanging out the window like Ace Ventura? Nope…the automatic windows on your pal’s P.O.S. haven’t quite been automatic for since 2008.

Smudge some Vick’s under your nose like they do on those crime scene shows? Neh eh. The last time you saw it, your roommate was using it to relieve that unfortunate groin injury…mental note, explain to him what vapor rub is for.

Put up one of those tacky tree-shaped pine scented air fresheners? No way. Then the car will smell like pine and death. Double whammy.

We’ve got a solution.  Not only will the aroma of one of our more unique air fresheners tackle the mystery stench, but because it’s so deliciously bizarre, your friend will actually think it’s some sort of thoughtful gift.

Now, the hard part is deciding what aromatic air freshener is best for you.

Needing some extra comfort after seeing what your pal keeps in his backseat?

macaroni and cheese air freshener

You need the Macaroni and Cheese Air Freshener. It looks like the real deal and the scent will bring the comforts of mama’s kitchen to your buddy’s rolling trash can.

Feeling anxious and slightly angry, because you just found out where all your favorite CDs wound up?

peace sign air freshener

You need the Peace Sign Air Freshener. Find your happy place, at least until you’re not behind the wheel of a death machine.

You realized you forgot breakfast, but don’t know if you’ll ever be able to eat again?

bacon air freshener

You need the Bacon Air Freshener. Bacon ALWAYS inspires hunger. Even against these odds.

There may not be a lot of words to describe the foulness of your friend’s jalopy, but you don’t have to be gagging the whole way to work. Hang up a unique air freshener and breathe easy…just don’t look around.