Shatterproof Glasses for Poolside Fun

shatterproof glasses for poolside drinksKicking back by the pool with a cold beverage is one of the best treats these gloriously sunny days have to offer, but a broken glass can really harsh your mellow. Don’t let an accidental slip burst your relaxation bubble when there are stylish shatterproof glasses that can have you chilling out carefree all summer long.

Whether you’re indulging in a glass of wine or some icy sweet tea, you don’t have to compromise style in the name of safety. These glasses are all a little different, but offer up the same shatterproof quality so you can relax and enjoy – your way.

The Sqlass gives you the modern elegance of a stemless wine glass, but its unique silicone design makes it strong, shatterproof, and safe to take anywhere. Perfect for poolside, camping, and picnicking, parents really love these glasses for kids too! They’re easy to pack and the kiddos can’t get hurt if they hit the ground.

shatterproof stemless wine glasses

Vino2Go Wine Glasses are the clever combination of adult sippy cup and wine glass. The layered design of these glasses are tumblers on the outside, but show the fabulous classic style of a stemmed wine glass on the inside. Not only are they cool to look at, but the layers help to keep your beverage at the desired temperature longer. Plus, they come with your choice of pink or green lids, so they’re perfect for everybody.

Vino2Go shatterproof Wine Tumblers

If a durable, but more traditional wine glass is what you’re looking for, the “I Am Not A Wine Glass” travel wine glass is a fun alternative to glass stemware. The double-layered plastic keeps your wine fresh and cool, while the lid and straw make it perfect for sipping while you sunbathe in lounge chair. No spills!

shatterproof travel wine glass

And, finally, we have the fantastic reusable red cup collection! Made of strong plastic, this glasses are a nod to the classic red party cup, except you can use them again and again for summers to come! Take your pick of the Red Cup Margarita Glass, Red Cup Beer Mug, or Red Cup Wine Glass! There’s really something for every taste!

reusable red cups

When you’re soaking up some rays by the poolside, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up broken glass. Relax, go shatterproof!

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