Perfect Props for Silly Summer Selfies

silly summer selfie ideasSocial media is so packed with selfies, people start to just scroll past them.
Amp up your photo opps this summer by adding some fun props to your silly summer selfies. Your friends and family will look forward to seeing your posts just to find out what you think up next.

Going on vacation? Take your Paparazzi Shades censor bar sunglasses with you and snap a series of hilariously anonymous selfies to mark every important stop from the Eiffel Tower to waiting in line for a port-o-potty at your favorite music festival.

Censor Bar Sunglasses

Rainy days can inspire funny selfies, especially when you have an umbrella hat. The simple prop is sure to bring loads of laughs when you rock this bad boy on Facebook and Instagram. Likes galore!

umbrella hat selfie

A poolside barbecue provides the perfect silly selfie opportunity, especially if you’re wearing a funny apron. Tie on some photogenic personality and boast a killer beach bod too!

funny bbq aprons

Heading to the beach? Swimsuit selfies are a dime a dozen, but when you add huge lobster claw hands to the mix, your pics will definitely stand out in social feeds!

giant lobster claw hands prop

Finally, add some extra fun to your sensational summer cocktail selfies with our Shades Sunglasses Straws. There are endless possibilities for the cute photos you can take with these, and there are enough to share with your friends.

summer sunglasses straws

Standing out on social media can be hard when everyone under the sun is snapping similar photos all summer long. Keep your feeds extra interesting with these silly selfie ideas, and all eyes will be on you!

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