Halloween Treats for Your Furbabies #SpookUptheFun

gingerdead men cookies

What’s wrong with Halloween going to the dogs or cats a little bit? Human children shouldn’t be the only ones to get treats during the haunting season, especially if you’re the pet parent that insists on Fido or Fifi wearing a costume each year.

Including your dog or cat in the Halloween fun is a simple way to express heartfelt gratitude for being your best buddy through everything. And, allowing you the honor of cleaning up their poop day after stinky day.

Halloween Treats for Dogs

There’s nothing as satisfying as a good undead squeaky toy on a brisk October day. If you get your chihuahua, Hercules, a Zombie Foot Dog Toy, he’ll be as happy as a pup with a dismembered vinyl foot. Plus, he’ll be prepared for any walkers who pop up in the neighborhood should there be a zombie apocalypse.

zombie foot dog toy

If creepy dog toys aren’t your thing, you might take to the kitchen and make him some homemade dog biscuits in the shapes of our popular Gingerdead Men.

Halloween Treats for Cats

Cats are pretty much like toddlers. They’re attracted to simple toys like boxes and string. So, when gifting something to your mouser friend, you might as well get things that you’ll enjoy, like say, an Inflatable Unicorn Horn. You can say it’s for her, but we all know that you’re the sole beneficiary of this gift, and, dude, that’s totally okay. Happy Halloween to you.

unicorn horn for cats


If you feel the need to try to hide that the Halloween treat you’re getting for your cat is for you, grab her the Cat Keyboard Scratcher. While she claws the crap out of it to your Best of Billy Joel playlist, you can shoot videos to share with your friends. (Bonus points if you incorporate the unicorn horn.)

People spend loads of dough on their human children at Halloween time, and furbabies are often left out of the fun. Be a better pet parent this spooky season and grab your dog or cat a treat that will keep him from leaving a homemade trick on your pillow.

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