Gingerdead Men Make Spooktacular Tricks and Treats!

31 Days day 19

When Halloween parties, luncheons or homemade treats are in order, there are plenty of ordinary cookie choices out there. Most at-home bakers opt for the usual sugar cookies, choosing the classic Halloween bat, cat, pumpkin or ghost cookie cutters to really jazz them up.

Not only has the sugar cookie concept been played out for decades, but it takes a ridiculously long time to make a variety of cutouts for worthwhile flair. Sprinkles, several colors of icing and all the hours of painstaking detail work? And, for what? So you can bring the same cookies as everyone else to the table. That’s a thumbs down in funky town if I’ve ever heard one.

No offense to the ancient art of sugar cookie making, but we find them to be way too booooring for the modern day treat baking situation! Why not turn Halloween cookie expectations on their ears and go with gingerbread men instead? Well, Gingerdead Men to be exact.

gingerdead men cookies


Unlike those dreadfully ordinary sugar cookies, there’s no need to spend a ton of extra time decorating them. The cookie cutter leaves an impression of the silly skeletons in the gingerbread cookie, so decorating comes down to simply tracing with one color – white! You don’t need to get super fancy or use a ton of icing for flavoring because the spicy gingerbread has enough wow factor for the tastebuds already. Low maintenance, high crowd appeal! Gingerdead Men will be a hit for sure!

gingerdead men cutter

Don’t waste precious baking hours on trying to make 10 dozen sugar cookies with a variety of cutters and colors. Turn the Halloween cookie snoozefest into a spookfest with Gingerdead Men this year!


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