Gifts for Undead-Obsessed Zombie Fans #SpookUptheFun

31 Days Day 12

They’re gross. They shamble. They have terrible hygiene. They eat people.

They’re zombies, and try as we may, we can’t help but love them to pieces.

To celebrate the return of the world’s favorite TV show starring decaying corpses, The Walking Dead, I’ve put together a collection of gifts for zombie fans on Day 12 of our 31 Days to Spook Up the Fun.

Zombie Key Caps

zombie key caps

You don’t want to be fumbling for the right key if you have a starving mob of walkers behind you.

Zombie Eye Mask

zombie eye mask

Kids so loud they could wake the dead? Give them a hint that they’re messing with the wrong mama. It’s zombie mask now, or zombie mom later. They’re choice.

Buckshot Shot Glass

buckshot shot glass

Shoot. For. The. Head.

Zombie Brain Freeze Ice Tray

zombie brain freeze ice tray

Chill them out when they’re screaming for BRAINS!

Zombie Foot Dog Toy

zombie foot dog toy

This squeaky toy will have the neighbors groaning like the undead every time Fido takes it out to play!

Zombie Gross Gift Wrap

zombie gross gift wrap

You can’t wrap gifts for zombie fans in just anything. Get gross from the get-go.

Zombie Dashboard Ornament

zombie dashboard ornament

He’s a brain-hungry, shambling bobbler that will keep that zombie party going in your car without the gut-twisting stench of rotting flesh. FUN!

Ear Worm Ear Buds

ear worms ear buds

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms are seriously disappointed to constantly be eating their meals on the go.

Emergency Brain

emergency brain

If your brain is the only one available, you’ll be happy to have this one on hand. Throw and run, bro. SMART!

Stop by our shop on for all of these awesome gifts for zombie fans and give them some undead presents they will have others eating their hearts out.

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