Freaky Dashboard Buddies for Halloween Cruisin’ # SpookUptheFun

slicey dashboard pig

People have been mounting hula women and the mascots of their favorite sports teams on their dashes for years, but for those of you with a…shall we say…discerning taste, these freaky dashboard ornaments are for you. They’re cool. They’re disturbing. And, they’re fiendishly waiting to be featured prominently on the dashboard of your hoopty.

The Dashboard Eyeball Wiggler is a giant eyeball with a fez. How creepily messed up is that? It wiggles and it jiggles, but it won’t get any weirder, unless it comes to life on Halloween night!

eyeball dashboard wiggler
Slicey Dashboard Pig Wiggler is something you’d likely see on the dashboard of Jigsaw from the Saw movies. He seems to be a happy go lucky pig perfectly content in carving himself up for Sunday dinner. There’s something so wrong at the pleasure he seems to be getting at cutting himself open. It’s completely demented, and we love it.

slicey dashboard pig
Is it strange that the Dashboard Zombie is the most normal one we have? He wiggles around like he’s doing an undead version of the Humpty Dance. He just needs a fake nose and the blood of the innocent to be complete.

dashboard zombie
Why not take all three of these guys home and make sure every ride is a hauntingly freaky time!?!

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