Dress Up Your Hostess Gifts #SpookUptheFun

overalls for wine

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a Halloween costume to impress your friends and then give them a boring hostess gift? A bottle of wine is customary, but don’t walk through that door looking like Edward Cullen (with extra sparkles) and have a bottle of wine that looks like…well…a bottle of wine. Why not dress it up for the Halloween as well?

overalls for wine

Vinderalls Wine Caddy is perfect for that hillbilly costume you decided to wear to the swanky uptown party. They’ll love the symmetry as you sing the theme to “Green Acres” while cradling your matching bottle of wine, which has probably already been opened by then. Everyone loves a good ole boy and that wine can be your best friend.

sock monkey wine caddy

The Sock Monkey Wine Caddy goes great with the Catholic school girl costume you’re wearing. Plus, you can carry it around like real doll and take swigs when no one is looking. Wine not?

hoodie wine tote

If you’re going as the Unabomber, and really who isn’t this holiday season, then the Hoodie Wine Caddy is the perfect accessory. It also goes great with the jock costume or even the emo guy. Oh wait, that wasn’t a costume, just a dude who’s really melodramatic. Any way you slice it, the Hoodie Wine Caddy is a perfect fit for every hostess gift.

Whatever you do, don’t walk into a costume party with a naked bottle. It dampens the fun, and your hostess gift will be remembered every year.

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