Sizzling Sales! We’re Serving Up Our Hottest Grilling Gifts!

With grilling season just heating up, we’re excited to share some sizzling deals on our most smoking sellers! For a limited time, we’re searing up savings on our most popular barbecue gifts so, get ’em while they’re hot!

Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

grillmaster apron

If you know a fella who takes his grilling seriously, you can bet he’ll love the Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron. With pockets and holders for all the barbecuing necessities, he’ll never have to leave his post at the grill. $25.95 $18.95

Golf BBQ Grilling Set

golf barbecue set

What golf-loving grill master wouldn’t want to combine his two passions with this unique barbecuing set? All the pieces are themed after his favorite pastime and the set is sure to be a hole in one for any gift giving occasion. $39.95 $34.95

Barbecue Branding Iron

barbecue branding iron

The BBQ Branding Iron is a fun way to make a lasting impression at any backyard barbecue. The set includes a branding iron and bag of letters to personalize any steak or burger special enough to grace your grill. $29.95 $24.99

Meat Markers Set

barbecue meat markers

When throwing a party, it’s hard for guests to tell which steak, burger or veggie burger is cooked to meet their preference. Our Meat Markers Set is the perfect solution to the problem, allowing you to mark each piece as it’s cooked. $2.99 $2.25

Head over to the Fun Slurp Store and grab all of our hot grilling supplies on sale now! Slurp up the fun!

Social Media Shower Curtain On Sale for a Limited Time

Update your bathroom with our Social Media Shower Curtain!

Start every day with a smile when you pose for your latest profile selfie…in the shower! Our Social Media Shower Curtain is a hilarious addition to any Facebook fan’s bathroom. It’s impossible to resist mugging for a series of hysterical profile shots while sudsing up your hair and rinsing away the morning grumps.

Designed to look like a Facebook newsfeed, this unique shower curtain is printed with a series of humorous updates from all the its fellow bathroom pals. The corner of the standard-sized curtain features a clear square for your profile pic of the day.

For a limited time you can get the Social Media Shower Curtain on sale for just $19.95! Hurry and get yours before they’re all gone!

Unique Phone Stands on Sale Now

Tired of your hand cramping up while you’re trying to watch a video on your smartphone but hate spending loads of cash on expensive accessories? We’ve got just what you need, and they’re on sale now!

Prop up your handheld electronics with our funny phone stands. The suction cups on our Plunger Phone Stand and Chewed Gum iPhone Stand make them easy to use with any smooth hard surfaces.

The iPlunge iPod Stand is hilariously shaped like a toilet plunger, but there’s nothing suck about how convenient it is. Its compact design makes it easy to carry in your purse or pocket. Then, when you need to set up your small electronic device, you simply stick it to the back and set it on a hard surface.

plunger phone stand

The iStuck Gum iPhone Stand is just as easy to use, but its ABC gum appearance gives it a unique flavor of its own. This awesome phone stand looks like it came straight from the bottom of a school desk and will get double takes from passersby every time you use it.

chewed gum phone stand

And, as if the cool designs of these phone stands wasn’t enough, you can buy them on sale for a limited time! Hop over to right now and get them before they’re gone!

Scary Savings: Stay warm with the Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf

How many times have you walked through your neighborhood and seen that familiar chalk outline and yellow crime scene tape? It’s about time this bold statement be made into a chic accessory. That eye-catching black lettering on emergency yellow is the epitome of cutting-edge fashion for the criminal set and those with an eye for crime scene couture.

crime scene scarf

The Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf is bright yellow and emblazoned with the classic warning “Crime Scene Do Not Cross.” Do you have some hickeys that might get you put into fashion prison or some bite marks from a certain moody, yet sparkly, vampire? The Fuzz Crime Scene Tape Scarf was made for just such emergencies.

That horrid five o’clock shadow on Aunt Mary might be unsightly, so let the world know that’s one area they don’t want to go by making her wear this fun scarf. Do you feel left out when the neighbor’s stabbing turns their apartment into the “It” place to be? Before you earn yourself an episode on the ID channel, order the Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf and get yourself some of the limelight without forfeiting 25 years to life.

Get the Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf on sale for just $16.95, and hurry, this special sale price won’t last long.

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With Halloween and Christmas around the corner, online shopping can save you time while expanding your options for unique gifts, gadgets and gags. We’re always so appreciative of you, our awesome, charming, multitalented and showstoppingly good-looking customers, that we want to up the ante and save you money too.

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We like to dig deeper for our amazing, brilliant, well-groomed, animal-whispering, enchantingly mysterious patrons. We want shipping to be awesome too. So, in addition to offering $3.99 Flat Rate Shipping on ANY size order, for a limited time, we’re sweetening the pot…


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So go ahead and go nuts, exceptionally outstanding individuals! Get the Horse Head Mask and Scary Peeper Deluxe that will make Halloween a scream and shipping is on us when you use the exclusive promo code!

epic halloween props


Shake things up! Unique salt and pepper shaker sets on sale!

The whole purpose of seasonings is to enhance the flavor of your food, so shouldn’t your salt and pepper shakers boost the personality of your table? We think so! That’s why we’re excited to have some of our most popular salt and pepper shakers on sale for a limited time.

Pitch the boring run of the mill salt and pepper shakers and grab these unusual sets to get things shaking around your table.

Our Mooning Gnome Salt and Pepper Shaker set is the original rump shaker. Each cheek of this hilarious naughty gnome’s fanny is actually a separate shaker. Add him to your table and he’s sure to spark conversation as soon as someone asks you to pass the pepper.

gnome salt shaker

Another popular set we have on sale is our Salt and Power Shakers. Designed to look like D batteries, these shakers have a unique clear side panel so you can gauge when it’s time to power them up with more salt and pepper.

salt and pepper battery shakers

And, to round out our trio of sets on sale is the playful prankster Salt and Pants Shaker. When sitting on the table, he looks like an ordinary, tabletop-standing, happy dude. But, as soon it’s time to season supper his mischievous side is exposed. Literally.

salt and pants shakers

These fun salt and pepper shakers won’t last long at these prices, especially with Christmas right around the corner. Take advantage of these deals now and shake things up at every meal.

Keep the spirit of Shark Week alive with these hot sales!

It’s time to put Jaws back in his cage until next year, but just because Shark Week is over doesn’t mean you have to quit your favorite oceanic predator cold turkey. Fun Slurp is here to feed your shark fix when you take a bite out of these hot deals!

Grab our fun reusable Shark Fin Ice Tray on sale now for just $9.75! You can turn your Tornado into…wait for it…Sharknado with these fun and festive ice cubes although you’re gonna need a bigger glass.

shark fin ice tray

You don’t have to stumble around for your house keys any more like a drunken sailor in every shark B-movie ever made. The SharKEYS Key Caps won’t bite, but they will get you into your house before any land shark can get you. On sale now for “jawst” $2.99!

shark key cap

While shark week may only last seven days, you can have your favorite shark memorabilia with you all throughout the year. One week isn’t nearly enough time to honor these kings of the ocean, so raise your glass filled with Shark Fin Ice Cubes and keep your keys safe with SharKEYS Key caps.

Prescription Beer Koozie is back in stock and on sale now!

Since our prescription beer koozie hit the shelves, it’s been really hard to keep in stock. We’re not surprised, after all an ice cold brew is always just what the doctor ordered…especially during the dog days of summer.

prescription beer koozie

If you’re looking for some relief from the skyrocketing temperatures, you can slip a can of your favorite beer in one of our Prescription Beer Koozies because we just got some back in stock. And, to sweeten the deal, they’re on sale for a limited time.

Click here to get your Prescription Beer Koozie for just $9.95 today!