Shatterproof Glasses for Poolside Fun

shatterproof glasses for poolside drinksKicking back by the pool with a cold beverage is one of the best treats these gloriously sunny days have to offer, but a broken glass can really harsh your mellow. Don’t let an accidental slip burst your relaxation bubble when there are stylish shatterproof glasses that can have you chilling out carefree all summer long.

Whether you’re indulging in a glass of wine or some icy sweet tea, you don’t have to compromise style in the name of safety. These glasses are all a little different, but offer up the same shatterproof quality so you can relax and enjoy – your way.

The Sqlass gives you the modern elegance of a stemless wine glass, but its unique silicone design makes it strong, shatterproof, and safe to take anywhere. Perfect for poolside, camping, and picnicking, parents really love these glasses for kids too! They’re easy to pack and the kiddos can’t get hurt if they hit the ground.

shatterproof stemless wine glasses

Vino2Go Wine Glasses are the clever combination of adult sippy cup and wine glass. The layered design of these glasses are tumblers on the outside, but show the fabulous classic style of a stemmed wine glass on the inside. Not only are they cool to look at, but the layers help to keep your beverage at the desired temperature longer. Plus, they come with your choice of pink or green lids, so they’re perfect for everybody.

Vino2Go shatterproof Wine Tumblers

If a durable, but more traditional wine glass is what you’re looking for, the “I Am Not A Wine Glass” travel wine glass is a fun alternative to glass stemware. The double-layered plastic keeps your wine fresh and cool, while the lid and straw make it perfect for sipping while you sunbathe in lounge chair. No spills!

shatterproof travel wine glass

And, finally, we have the fantastic reusable red cup collection! Made of strong plastic, this glasses are a nod to the classic red party cup, except you can use them again and again for summers to come! Take your pick of the Red Cup Margarita Glass, Red Cup Beer Mug, or Red Cup Wine Glass! There’s really something for every taste!

reusable red cups

When you’re soaking up some rays by the poolside, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up broken glass. Relax, go shatterproof!

Valentine’s Lunch – Kisses Sandwich Bags

Packed With Love

Kisses Sandwich Bags

When I was a little girl, nothing made my school day like an unexpected “I love you” packed into my lunch. Thinking back on those special sentiments still makes me smile, so now I make sure to send a little something along in my family’s lunches from time to time to show them that I’m thinking of them, even when we’re apart.

Put together a lunch covered in kisses to surprise your family this Valentine’s Day. Our Kisses Sandwich Bags offer a sweet surprise that turns any sandwich, veggie, or tasty treat into something extra special. The bags come with two styles, so you can mix and match. And, with 20 to a pack, there will be plenty left over for other occasions when you want to let them know you’re thinking of them. Everything tastes better when it’s packed with love.

Gingerdead Men Make Spooktacular Tricks and Treats!

When Halloween parties, luncheons or homemade treats are in order, there are plenty of ordinary cookie choices out there. Most at-home bakers opt for the usual sugar cookies, choosing the classic Halloween bat, cat, pumpkin or ghost cookie cutters to really jazz them up.

Not only has the sugar cookie concept been played out for decades, but it takes a ridiculously long time to make a variety of cutouts for worthwhile flair. Sprinkles, several colors of icing and all the hours of painstaking detail work? And, for what? So you can bring the same cookies as everyone else to the table. That’s a thumbs down in funky town if I’ve ever heard one.

No offense to the ancient art of sugar cookie making, but we find them to be way too booooring for the modern day treat baking situation! Why not turn Halloween cookie expectations on their ears and go with gingerbread men instead? Well, Gingerdead Men to be exact.

gingerdead men cookies


Unlike those dreadfully ordinary sugar cookies, there’s no need to spend a ton of extra time decorating them. The cookie cutter leaves an impression of the silly skeletons in the gingerbread cookie, so decorating comes down to simply tracing with one color – white! You don’t need to get super fancy or use a ton of icing for flavoring because the spicy gingerbread has enough wow factor for the tastebuds already. Low maintenance, high crowd appeal! Gingerdead Men will be a hit for sure!

gingerdead men cutter

Don’t waste precious baking hours on trying to make 10 dozen sugar cookies with a variety of cutters and colors. Turn the Halloween cookie snoozefest into a spookfest with Gingerdead Men this year!


Dress Up Your Hostess Gifts #SpookUptheFun

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a Halloween costume to impress your friends and then give them a boring hostess gift? A bottle of wine is customary, but don’t walk through that door looking like Edward Cullen (with extra sparkles) and have a bottle of wine that looks like…well…a bottle of wine. Why not dress it up for the Halloween as well?

overalls for wine

Vinderalls Wine Caddy is perfect for that hillbilly costume you decided to wear to the swanky uptown party. They’ll love the symmetry as you sing the theme to “Green Acres” while cradling your matching bottle of wine, which has probably already been opened by then. Everyone loves a good ole boy and that wine can be your best friend.

sock monkey wine caddy

The Sock Monkey Wine Caddy goes great with the Catholic school girl costume you’re wearing. Plus, you can carry it around like real doll and take swigs when no one is looking. Wine not?

hoodie wine tote

If you’re going as the Unabomber, and really who isn’t this holiday season, then the Hoodie Wine Caddy is the perfect accessory. It also goes great with the jock costume or even the emo guy. Oh wait, that wasn’t a costume, just a dude who’s really melodramatic. Any way you slice it, the Hoodie Wine Caddy is a perfect fit for every hostess gift.

Whatever you do, don’t walk into a costume party with a naked bottle. It dampens the fun, and your hostess gift will be remembered every year.

The BEAST: Giant Fist Drink Koozie – The UnCostume #SpookUptheFun

Every party has a pooper, especially when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Rather than spoil your evening arguing with your fella over whether or not he can go out without a costume, meet him halfway with The BEAST.

The Beast Close Up

The BEAST is a giant fist drink koozie that will give him an instant costume without making him have to work at it. In fact, everyone will be jealous of his clever gimungo drinking accessory and want to dress up as him next year!

the beast handle

All your uncostumed companion has to do is slip his hand into The BEAST and hold on to the inner handle. Then the huge fist will hold onto his beverage, and he can walk around the party in his otherwise normal attire.

Huzzah for The BEAST, the official uncostume of 2014!

The Halloween Candy Hierarchy #SpookUptheFun

As a kid, Halloween wasn’t about scaring people or spooky happenings, it was about candy. The kid with the biggest haul wins. Beyond sheer volume, there were many tiers of candy goodness and some were always better than others.

At the top of the candy food chain was the full-sized candy bar. It was like the Holy Grail of candy. Kids spent their entire childhoods in search of the elusive prize, but only a few actually got one. They were always the kings of Halloween.

The tier below that is reserve for the homemade treats and bite sized candy bars. Your balls of candied popcorn, small Kit Kats and other popular chocolate bars were a far second from tier 1, but if you could get enough of them your Halloween was a success.

The off brand candy bars and treats are in the next tier. These never tasted great, but hell, it was chocolate, so it was good enough.

Near the bottom of the barrel, were the cheap candies that came in bags of like 6,000 for $1. Those heinous treats were nearly inedible and always the ones leftover two weeks later when you went for the candy bag. We ate them because they were pure sugar, but weren’t proud of it.

The final tier is reserved for those sick and twisted folks that tried to teach us a lesson. The ones that would drop an apple, toothbrush or (cringe) dental floss into your bag. These were the houses you avoided like the plague. Who wanted to be reminded that we were rotting our teeth? Nobody, that’s who.

What are you giving out at Halloween this year?

Gifts for Undead-Obsessed Zombie Fans #SpookUptheFun

They’re gross. They shamble. They have terrible hygiene. They eat people.

They’re zombies, and try as we may, we can’t help but love them to pieces.

To celebrate the return of the world’s favorite TV show starring decaying corpses, The Walking Dead, I’ve put together a collection of gifts for zombie fans on Day 12 of our 31 Days to Spook Up the Fun.

Zombie Key Caps

zombie key caps

You don’t want to be fumbling for the right key if you have a starving mob of walkers behind you.

Zombie Eye Mask

zombie eye mask

Kids so loud they could wake the dead? Give them a hint that they’re messing with the wrong mama. It’s zombie mask now, or zombie mom later. They’re choice.

Buckshot Shot Glass

buckshot shot glass

Shoot. For. The. Head.

Zombie Brain Freeze Ice Tray

zombie brain freeze ice tray

Chill them out when they’re screaming for BRAINS!

Zombie Foot Dog Toy

zombie foot dog toy

This squeaky toy will have the neighbors groaning like the undead every time Fido takes it out to play!

Zombie Gross Gift Wrap

zombie gross gift wrap

You can’t wrap gifts for zombie fans in just anything. Get gross from the get-go.

Zombie Dashboard Ornament

zombie dashboard ornament

He’s a brain-hungry, shambling bobbler that will keep that zombie party going in your car without the gut-twisting stench of rotting flesh. FUN!

Ear Worm Ear Buds

ear worms ear buds

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms are seriously disappointed to constantly be eating their meals on the go.

Emergency Brain

emergency brain

If your brain is the only one available, you’ll be happy to have this one on hand. Throw and run, bro. SMART!

Stop by our shop on for all of these awesome gifts for zombie fans and give them some undead presents they will have others eating their hearts out.

Happy Halloween Lunch Ideas #SpookUptheFun

Sometimes the things that go bump in the night can be downright tasty. Now, I’m not talking about chowing down on your average ghosts and goblins (which are strangely high in carbs), but rather the delicious and funky Halloween lunch alternatives we have at

Gingerdead Men

gingerdead men

Don’t let these cookies get the drop on you. Run, run as fast as you can – you can’t catch him, he’s the Gingerdead Man. Bring these macabre cookies to life with the Gingerdead Man Cookie Cutter. These little guys don’t have gumdrop buttons, but they do have one spicy attitude.

Fun Sandwich Bags

disguise mask lunch bags
You’re going to need something special to house these cookies, so try out the Disguise and Bugs Sandwich Bags. The faces may be funny in the Disguise Sandwich Bags, but remember that the most evil things often come in innocent packages.

lunch bugs bags

Keep your coworkers hands off your Gingerdead Men with the Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags. It will look like your lunch is infested with creepy crawly bits of protein. They’ll run in fear, but you’ll know the truth, Renfield.

Eyeball Lunchbox

eyeball lunch bag
What Halloween lunch would be complete without the creepy lunchbox? The Eyeball Lunch box is big enough to hold an eye-popping amount of gruel, and it’s always keeping watch over your precious cargo. Your Gingerdead Men will be safe and sound within this eye opening lunch box.