Gifts for Undead-Obsessed Zombie Fans #SpookUptheFun

They’re gross. They shamble. They have terrible hygiene. They eat people.

They’re zombies, and try as we may, we can’t help but love them to pieces.

To celebrate the return of the world’s favorite TV show starring decaying corpses, The Walking Dead, I’ve put together a collection of gifts for zombie fans on Day 12 of our 31 Days to Spook Up the Fun.

Zombie Key Caps

zombie key caps

You don’t want to be fumbling for the right key if you have a starving mob of walkers behind you.

Zombie Eye Mask

zombie eye mask

Kids so loud they could wake the dead? Give them a hint that they’re messing with the wrong mama. It’s zombie mask now, or zombie mom later. They’re choice.

Buckshot Shot Glass

buckshot shot glass

Shoot. For. The. Head.

Zombie Brain Freeze Ice Tray

zombie brain freeze ice tray

Chill them out when they’re screaming for BRAINS!

Zombie Foot Dog Toy

zombie foot dog toy

This squeaky toy will have the neighbors groaning like the undead every time Fido takes it out to play!

Zombie Gross Gift Wrap

zombie gross gift wrap

You can’t wrap gifts for zombie fans in just anything. Get gross from the get-go.

Zombie Dashboard Ornament

zombie dashboard ornament

He’s a brain-hungry, shambling bobbler that will keep that zombie party going in your car without the gut-twisting stench of rotting flesh. FUN!

Ear Worm Ear Buds

ear worms ear buds

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms are seriously disappointed to constantly be eating their meals on the go.

Emergency Brain

emergency brain

If your brain is the only one available, you’ll be happy to have this one on hand. Throw and run, bro. SMART!

Stop by our shop on for all of these awesome gifts for zombie fans and give them some undead presents they will have others eating their hearts out.

Musical Light Show is Delightful Halloween Madness #SpookUptheFun

There are people who like Halloween and then there are people that LIVE Halloween. The distinction is easy to make just from watching their every day lives. A “liker” will put out a jack o’lantern, share some candy corn in a dish at work and wear a Happy Halloween tee on October 31st.

A “liver” well…

It’s the die-hard Halloween lovers that really make every day of the season a wondrous spectacle for everyone who has the privilege to cross their paths!

Thank you for the magic!

Happy Halloween Lunch Ideas #SpookUptheFun

Sometimes the things that go bump in the night can be downright tasty. Now, I’m not talking about chowing down on your average ghosts and goblins (which are strangely high in carbs), but rather the delicious and funky Halloween lunch alternatives we have at

Gingerdead Men

gingerdead men

Don’t let these cookies get the drop on you. Run, run as fast as you can – you can’t catch him, he’s the Gingerdead Man. Bring these macabre cookies to life with the Gingerdead Man Cookie Cutter. These little guys don’t have gumdrop buttons, but they do have one spicy attitude.

Fun Sandwich Bags

disguise mask lunch bags
You’re going to need something special to house these cookies, so try out the Disguise and Bugs Sandwich Bags. The faces may be funny in the Disguise Sandwich Bags, but remember that the most evil things often come in innocent packages.

lunch bugs bags

Keep your coworkers hands off your Gingerdead Men with the Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags. It will look like your lunch is infested with creepy crawly bits of protein. They’ll run in fear, but you’ll know the truth, Renfield.

Eyeball Lunchbox

eyeball lunch bag
What Halloween lunch would be complete without the creepy lunchbox? The Eyeball Lunch box is big enough to hold an eye-popping amount of gruel, and it’s always keeping watch over your precious cargo. Your Gingerdead Men will be safe and sound within this eye opening lunch box.

Mini Costume Pacifiers for Babies #SpookUptheFun

On Halloween, it’s common for excited parents to go all out with a costume for the little one, but bulky layers are a pain for the rest of the month’s festivities. Rather than worry about dressing the little one up from head to toe when going out to parades, pumpkin patches and fall festivals, opt for something much simpler, the mini costume pacifier.

When my sons were young, I spent a small fortune on their adorable getups, but they always wound up being covered up by the full body winterwear necessary during an Illinois October. I kick myself now that they’re 5, 7 and 9, because I could have saved myself a ton of trouble and dough by grabbing them some costume pacifiers. Their adorable faces were all that were showing in their strollers anyway, right?

Take a look at some of the hilarious, but simple ways to dress up your baby when you don’t want to worry about the full costume.

Two Front Teeth Pacifier

two front teeth pacifier

Who could possibly peek in on your little bundle and not give a chuckle with those Chiclets smiling back?

Charlie Boy Giant Smile Pacifier

big smile pacifier

He won’t be the only one grinning ear to ear when he’s sucking away on this toothy binky.

Mustache Pacifier

mustache pacifier

He’d like to stay and play, but, sorry, mustache.

Lil King Lip Curl Pacifier 

lip curl pacifier

You’ll be all smiles until you realize the Lil King has left a load of talent in his diaper.

Parents, I’m telling you as a three-time veteran mom, this is the best way to go costume-wise if you’re going to be out and about. There are so many fun festivities that older kids love to go to, and now the baby can be bundled up but participate too, thanks to costume pacifiers!

Happy Halloween!

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Take Halloween to the Office #SpookUptheFun

Welcome to Day 4 of 31 Days to Spook Up the Fun!!

All kinds of people love Fun Slurp’s hilarious gifts, gags and gadgets, but everyone shares one common personality trait – we all (myself included) enjoy having a great time, no matter where we are, even the office. Surrounding ourselves with fun people and things is the key to a great holiday season, so we want to help you take some Halloween goodies to work with you.

Giving your desk, cubicle, locker or other workspace some spooky flair doesn’t have to be a huge, overstated decorating concept. In fact, when it comes to Halloween office decorations, less is more. Check out these wickedly simple ways to add some holiday to your surroundings.

Start out the Halloween office theme right at the very beginning of your day, by slapping some Skeleton Keys Caps on your set of work keys. They’re funky and fun and also glow in the dark for those late nights on the graveyard shift. (Six key caps in a set.)

skeleton key caps


The next thing you can do is put your boring notepad in your desk and bring out something that involves murder…dun, dun, dun!!!!

murder ink notepad

The Murder Ink Notepad is a simple but wickedly macabre conversation starter that’s as handy as it is hilarious…or disturbing. For added authenticity, secure the perimeter with our mini crime scene tape.



And, to cap off your halloween office motif, make yourself an instant costume by sliding in a pair of hillbilly teeth for any chance encounters with coworkers at the water fountain.

hillbilly teeth


And, last but certainly not least, you’re going to be happy to set out an Emergency Inflatable Brain this Halloween and then “forget” to put it away after the holiday. It may just offer up some better input that the doofus in your office who always gets put on your team or committee.

inflatable Brain

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Day 3 Trick or Treat Giveaway Number 1 #SpookUptheFun

Day 3 of the 31 Days to Spook Up the Fun brings a little mischief along with it!

31 Days Day 3

You may have heard that when the cat’s away the mouse shall play, but in this case, when the boss is away, the Jessi shall play! And, what’s a trick for him may just be a treat for you! So, head on over to our Facebook page, boils and ghouls and enter to win a Meat Is Murder – Tasty, Tasty Murder Apron!

Meat is Murder Apron

Hurry! This giveaway ends at 9AM on Monday, October 6th before the boss gets back from his trip.


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Bring on the Bloody Bathroom Collection #SpookUptheFun

Welcome to Day 2 of 31 Days to Spook Up the Fun!!

There’s nothing more hauntingly delightful than a prank done horrifyingly well, right down to the last blood-dripping detail. Turn your bathroom into a shocking scene for all your visitors during the Halloween season with this gruesome Bloody Bathroom Collection.

Grab all the pieces of our Bloody Bathroom Collection and you can have a macabre dumping ground where Jason Voorhees would feel right at home!

Bloody Hand Towel


Blood Bath Shower Curtain


To finish off the look, hang the Bloody Handprint Apron from the doorknob or a hook so guests know you’re at least tidy while doing your grizzly dirty work.


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Day 1


It’s October and that’s nothing to BOO-Hoo about! We’re so excited to be bringing you a month full of spooky fun all over the net!

We’re going to be sharing costume and party ideas, spooky facts, wicked humor, and awesome giveaways to keep the Halloween spirit alive all month long!

Sound like fun?

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