Bacon Gumballs

Bacon Gumballs

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The bacon gumballs provide needed relief from the standard fruit, cinnamon and mint bubble gum flavors? Indulge your taste buds in something a little more interesting with our Bacon Gumballs?

Has your well-meaning doctor told you to cut out this delicious nitrate-filled bundle of pure happiness for the sake of good heart health? There's no need to quit cold turkey when there are Bacon Gumballs around. What do people do when they want to quit smoking? They chew nicotine gum. So, doesn't it stand to reason that a recovering bacon addict would chomp on bacon gum for a quick fix?

Are you often plagued by a hankering for bacon when there's not a single strip in the fridge? Keep a package of Bacon Gumballs on hand for 24-hour access to craving conquering bacony goodness.

Every bite of bacon is a gift, because of its pure deliciousness. We love Bacon Gumballs, because they’re bacon morsels you can continue to enjoy even when your belly is full. We were so happy to find them and gladly partake of these tasty gumballs throughout the day between bacon breaks. Production around here has been sizzling ever since!


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— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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  • Shari . Jan 18, 2011
    My brother got a kick out of these (WOW, do they taste and smell JUST like bacon), and he likes offering them to the unsuspecting... It really can be unsettling to bite into one of these if you don\'t realize beforehand that it\'s bacon-flavored!
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