Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

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Bacon may clog your arteries and get you one step closer to the Grim Reaper, but that's no reason it can't make your teeth strong and healthy. Bacon Toothpaste is filled with cavity fighting protection without the boring, ordinary taste of mint. Why settle for fresh breath when it can smell like a crisp strip of delicious bacon.

This toothpaste tastes so good you'll wear down your enamel from brushing 10 times a day. You and your dentist will never be happier when he starts what he thinks is an ordinary cleaning and smells the fresh odor off bacon. Mmmmm.

It's important to keep your teeth clean and healthy, but not everyone likes the strong taste of mint toothpaste. We love Bacon Flavored Toothpaste, because we get our daily bacon fix and keep our teeth fresh and clean too. It's like eating a breakfast that actually cleans your teeth. Now, if they can just make a toothpaste that tastes like a BLT for lunch…


Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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  • Bethany . Jun 27, 2011
    Trust me; I thought the idea of bacon flavored toothpaste would be too much to handle. I was absolutely wrong. Not only does my mouth feel clean; but my teeth show it! This is a great buy!
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