Bacon Band Aids

Bacon Band Aids

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Bacon band aids will cure any ouchie. When I was a kid, mom would stick a steak on my black eye, and so many years later you can slather your booboos in pork. Ok, so literally covering open wounds in pork products may not be the safest or most hygienic alternative, but you can get the next best thing with Bacon Band Aids. These fully functional Band Aids look just like strips of bacon and adhere easily to most minor cuts and scrapes. Our Bacon Band Aids are salmonella free, so go hog wild. Let your bacon lover know how much you care by kissing his owie and covering it in bacon.

Few people understand the true healing power of bacon. It’s like every antibiotic and OTC medicine wrapped into one. Bacon Band Aids take the healing power of bacon to the next level. Maybe you got a burn frying up some bacon and the grease popped on you. There’s nothing like a little hair of the dog that bit you, right? Bacon created the burn. Bacon can heal it.


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  • Stephanie . Apr 11, 2011
    One of the coolest products to buy! It looks just like bacon with great detail and works well as a band aid. Most people have to walk up and ask what is on my arm before they realize what it is.
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  • Shari . Jan 18, 2011
    I got these for my brother, the cop, and he carries them around in his cruiser just for the fun of the whole cop-pig thing. He loves bacon, and he enjoys slapping a bacon band-aid on the back of his hand or somewhere equally visible and interacting with the public, just to see what sort of reaction he will get :)
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