Annoying Baby On Board

Annoying Baby On Board

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Parents, are you tired of the cutesy Baby on Board signs and ready to tell it like it is?

Has your baby ever thrown such a huge, ugly tantrum that you wanted to run away screaming? If your infant could double for something out of a horror movie, then give everyone a heads up with the Annoying Baby on Board doll.

This hilariously hideous gender-neutral doll looks like it’s screaming at the top of its lungs and proudly displays a sign that says “Annoying Baby on Board.” Hang it from your car window and other motorists will know to be careful because you’re toting around some screeching evil just like they are, only you’re awesome enough to admit it.

Argument for Birth Control

If there is a novelty that will make people think twice about having kids, then it’s the Annoying Baby on Board sign. Its lifelike realism of the misery that is a screaming infant in close quarters is enough to demand a second thought. It doesn't matter if you're warning people what's in the car or what they'll be getting themselves into, people will take notice.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Hideous annoying baby sign with lifelike face and hands

- Lets people know parenthood isn’t all rainbows and sunflowers

- Surprises other drivers and shares a laugh

- Awesome gag gift for new parents and parents-to-be

- Hangs on window

- Approximate length from fingertips to material toe is 16 ½ inches


Who Will Love the Annoying Baby on Board Window Sign?

Anyone with a child that spends more time screaming than sleeping will likely appreciate this funny car sign. She'll also be ¾ of the way to crazyville and probably hallucinating from lack of sleep. This hilarious gag is also a great gift for those soon-to-be moms who have no idea what they're getting into.  They’ll find it silly and playful until they’ve survived a couple long car rides with their babies – then it will be badge of courage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it me or is that thing really creepy?

Yes, Annoying Baby on Board is creepy. Any film that involves dolls winds up registering an 11 on the creepiness scale. While this baby’s got a face only a demon could love, it serves a very good purpose and public service. Folks need to know that you and your angry little cherub are on the move.


Can I put this in my teen's car?

We can't think of anything that will make high school boys run for the hills faster than the Annoying Baby on Board window sign. It's a constant reminder that a little hanky panky can lead to screaming tantrums, no sleep and a terrifying college tuition. It's all fun and games until there’s a car seat in the back seat, complete with real annoying baby.

Why We Love It

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