The $50 Worthless Gift Box

The $50 Worthless Gift Box

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The $50 Worthless Gift Box

What do you give the person who has absolutely everything? Absolutely nothing. The $50 Worthless Gift Box is the perfect way to say, “I spent a lot of money, but had no idea what to get you.” We understand finding that perfect gift can be hard. It takes time you don’t have, so you can make it right again by giving them nothing, but spending like you got them the greatest gift ever. They must like it, because you spent $50 on it. It’s a real and expensive gift, and odds are they’ll get nothing else like it this year. It’s the thought the counts, right?

The Gift They’ll Just Keep Giving

If you’re giving someone the amazing The $50 Worthless Gift Box, then don’t be surprised if you get something extremely similar next year. The more of these you buy, the more people can enjoy the most unique gift of the season. People will be talking about your hilarious gift for years to come.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

  • $50 worth of supreme gag gift material
  • Passing The $50 Worthless Gift Box can be a funny new family tradition
  • Hilarious gift for the person who has everything
  • So frivolous and indulgent, you’ll both feel rich
  • Most expensive box of nothing ever
  • It’s the thought that counts!

Who would love The $50 Worthless Gift Box?

Anyone who has everything they could ever want and is tired of the same old same old will absolutely love The $50 Worthless Gift Box. It’s the one thing the person who has everything doesn’t have. While everyone else is giving them socks and ties, you’ll be giving them the gift of expensive nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will people hate me if I get this for them?

No, they’ll love you for it. You’re breaking away from the monotony and taking the spirit of giving to a whole new level. You’ll be the talk of the party, and everyone will be asking, “Where’s my The $50 Worthless Gift Box?” Just tell them the truth, it’s only at

I have everything, can I get it for myself?

You sound a bit lonely, so instead of giving it to yourself, buy 3 or 4 and give them away to friends and family. If you really want one, then you can gift yourself one, but the thrill comes from getting it from someone else. We’re sure that once you start giving them out as presents, people will be pounding on your door looking for some action.

Why We Love It

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