Wisdom Teeth Magnets

Wisdom Teeth Magnets

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Nothing says organized like molars stuck to a refrigerator. Sure, those smores will probably give you cavities, but the tooth holding the shopping list up is blindingly white. It's like having Ryan Seacrest's smile without the annoying personality.

Wisdom Teeth Magnets are super strong and could probably handle an apple, if not taffy apple, if they were in someone's mouth. Add a little bite to your to-do list with these unique magnets, and they are guaranteed not to have cavities.

Each set of Wisdom Teeth Magnets comes with six teeth to keep all those annoying reminder postcards from your dentist's office together.

We love Wisdom Teeth Magnets, because they poke fun at an everyday nuisance that affects so many of us. Everyone wishes there was a bright side to dealing with wisdom teeth since they’re a total pain and then cost so much to get pulled out. Thankfully, we finally found a way to get a chuckle out of them. These magnets would be perfect for a dentist’s office or candy factory.


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