Washed Moose Balls: Root Beer Gumballs

Washed Moose Balls: Root Beer Gumballs

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If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: If you're going to have a mouth full of moose balls, then you'll definitely want to get the clean ones. Washed Moose Balls are actually root beer-flavored gumballs and not the freshly squeegeed jewels of Rocky's best pal, Bullwinkle. Offer these up at parties and you'll definitely get some sideways glances and maybe a good gag reflex or two. The brave ones will go ahead and as soon as they put it in their mouth, they'll be in on the joke. These gumball faux-nads are a delicious way to guarantee everyone has a ball at your next party.24 pieces of Moose Balls.

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