Wasabi Lip Balm

Wasabi Lip Balm

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Wasabi Chap Stick

If sweet, fruity lip balms aren't exactly your thing, how about giving the delicious flavor of wasabi a try? You can have that one-of-a-kind flavor without setting your mouth on fire. And if you're looking for a little romance, your kisses will be hot stuff, and truly memorable, when you spread a little Wasabi Lip Balm on your smacker and pucker up.

Wasabi Lip Balm is the perfect gift for sushi aficionados or an in-your-face gag for the pal that is constantly asking to borrow your balm. Either way, this saucy lip balm will make an impression!

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  • Luis . Apr 1, 2011
    I like to joke around a lot, so when I slipped these into my wifes goody bags for a party all the girls knew it was me. I did get a little heat because it slightly tingles on the lips due to the flavor, but it was definitely worth. The girls love it anyway. I plan on buying more and giving them with gifts for the holidays this year. It matches my style.
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  • Jacob . Mar 7, 2011
    My girlfriend collects lip balm (and I like sushi) so I bought her this. She didn't like it because it was too hot for her, but I thought it tasted great. She kept it, but only wears it when I ask her to.
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