Wanted Scary Shower Curtain

Wanted Scary Shower Curtain

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Alfred Hitchcock was the master of thrills and chills, and who can forget the silhouetted figure of Norman Bates behind the shower curtain of the unsuspecting Janet Leigh? You can recreate the classic horror scene every time you take a shower, thanks to the Wanted Scary Shower Curtain.

This creepy shower curtain features a shadowy person who looks like he's standing in your bathtub waiting for you. Imagine the shock when visitors walk into your restroom and find that frightening image waiting for them. Luckily, they'll be in just the right place to have the poop scared out of them.

The Wanted Scary Shower Curtain measures 80 by 72-inch and fits most standard sized shower curtain rods.

Nothing brings us more twisted pleasure than scaring the crap out of innocent people. This shower curtain is sure to freak folks out, and we all sleep a little more soundly knowing that we've done our part to bring the chills to the masses.


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