Trashed: Sticky Notes

Trashed: Sticky Notes

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Don't let the boss think you're not doing anything, because your sticky notes are in pristine condition. Let him think you're making so many notes, you're digging through the trash to find paper with the Trashed: Sticky Notes. These notes come precrumpled for that already used look and are guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows. The kit includes four different sized pads, so you have a variety of ABC (already been crumpled) paper at your disposal. The pads are perfect for the borderline OCD neat freak that can't stand a wrinkle in his suit or his paper.

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  • Daniel U. Aug 23, 2011
    Finally, I can write notes on notepads that explain how I feel about the job. These trashed sticky notes are hysterical and are great for to do list or just little notes that you are required to take for your boss. Innocent gag gift that will make people laugh.
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  • Josh M. Aug 18, 2011
    I got the trashed sticky notes for my wife, because she is always writing to do list and then wadding them up in her purse. She thought these were hysterical and useful. She loved the different sizes.
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