Trailer Park Mug

Trailer Park Mug

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Everyone wants to ignore that little part of themselves that still loves to watch Hee Haw reruns and drinks liquor from a Mason jar. You can take the person away from the trailer park, but you can’t always take the trailer park out of the person.

It’s time to revel in your white trash lifestyle with the Trailer Park Mug. Your coffee will taste a little bit better in a mug that shows the world exactly who you are. Give it to your boss to let him know you see him for who he really is, or to Mom because she can’t eat solid food with her toothless smile (you’ve always been her favorite).

You Can Take The Mug Out Of The Trailer…

If your front yard has washing machines and more than one automobile on blocks, then you might need the Trailer Park Mug. There’s no harm in proudly proclaiming that you’re a card carrying member of the trailer park club. Your house may come with wheels, but home is always where he heart is.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Ceramic mug looks like a compact mobile home

- Features the words “Trailer Park” Home Sweet Home

- Funny gift for everyone who loves the mobile life

- Holds approximately 12 ounces of liquid

- Hand washing suggested

Who Would Love The Trailer Park Mug?

This mug is perfect for the many people out there who are proud of their hillbilly roots. They would certainly appreciate a mug that tells everyone where they came while sipping their morning joe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I actually need to come from or live in a trailer park to get this mug?

Of course not, for many people the trailer park isn’t a place, but a state of mind. You can live in a penthouse apartment in the city, but if you find you’re daydreaming about the feel of blue polyester and frills or the taste of beer from a pop top can, then you can claim this mug as your own.

Do I have to drink coffee?

Nope, the mug is perfect for any beverage you might enjoy. If you want to put a little moonshine in there after breakfast or a nice cool glass of boxed wine, then go ahead. There is no beverage off limits for the Trailer Park Mug. It won’t judge, whether you’re indulging in a healthy belt of rotgut or the most expensive pinot noir. 

Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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