Tooshie Cushy Bleacher Seat

Tooshie Cushy Bleacher Seat

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We’ve all been there when someone who shouldn’t be wearing a thong ends up showing 3/4 of her butt and a delightful tramp stamp at your child’s baseball game. The Sweet Cheeks bleacher chair lets you achieve that white trash feeling without ever having to enter a trailer park.

This comfortable seat contains a picture of a thong and tramp stamp that would make any mom proud. You don’t have to abdicate your soccer mom thrown for a little trailer chic when you can fake it with the Tooshie Cushy Bleacher Seat. Sitting on a butt never felt so right.

The Ultimate Tramp Stamp

There’s just something…sexy…trashy…about seeing that tramp stamp above a fully in-sight thong. You don’t have to live in a trailer to get that look thanks to the The Tooshie Cushy Bleacher Seat. You can be the envy of all the other soccer moms with a seat that gives you a tramp stamp and is comfortable for your derriere.

Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Gives you the perfect rump for drawing loads of attention to yourself

- Comes with its own tramp stamp so you can save cash on some ink

- Keeps your butt cozy while you route on your favorite teams

- Pulls off the naughty red butt floss when you’re too bashful to give it a try


What should I do with my existing tramp stamp?

You’ve got two options. Let your freak flag fly in a double tramp stamp, very similar in grandeur to the double rainbow, or save your children years of embarrassment and hide it from public view like weird little cousin Eddie.

What will the other soccer moms think?

It depends…do they come to the game riding a Harley and have an overabundance of leather accessories? No? Well, they’ll love it anyway. Odds are half of them have their own stamp nestled closely against their granny panties.

No one likes a numb bleacher butt, so get some relief while giving everyone a good show. We love the Tushie Cushy Bleacher Seat, because tramp stamps are always in season, especially at your 9-year-old’s baseball game. Fit in with the rest of the trailer crowd by sitting on the Tushie Cushy Bleacher Seat. 


Why We Love It

— Jessi, Funslurp Buyer Jessi, Funslurp Buyer


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