Time to Stop Drinking Coasters

Time to Stop Drinking Coasters

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We've all had the time when after a few too many, the woman across the bar looked like a supermodel only to wake up the next morning to Frankenstein's mother. The Time To Stop Drinking Coaster is the perfect gift for the pal that likes to party hard and has had way too many of these humiliating encounters. If the image on the coasters starts looking like something you want to bring home to momma, then it's time to put the beer down and call it a night. Make sure to give a set of Time To Stop Drinking Coasters to your wingman, so he can gauge your ability to see straight.Set of 4 Coasters

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  • Aaron . Nov 16, 2012
    These are so wrong they're right. I got a set for each of my buddies for Christmas!
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