Tampon Flasks

Tampon Flasks

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If you need to stash a little nip or five, you’re going to have trouble flying under the radar with a regular flask. Set your hooch on stealth mode with the ultimate authority repellant, our delightfully devious Tampon Flasks!

When you’re toting your favorite beverage in a tampon flask, it might as well be invisible. Nobody would ever suspect that there’d be something naughty hidden inside those realistically wrapped tampon tubes. Plus, carrying these booze-filled beauties around will have everyone thinking Aunt Flo’s in town for a visit, and they’re not exactly going to be lining up to provoke your wrath.

Each set of Tampon Flasks comes with five fake tampon tubes and wrappers to safely stow away your spirits.

* This product is intended for responsible use by adults of legal drinking age. If you’re under twenty-one, you better be packing cotton fireworks. 

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