Talk Bubble Sticky Notes

Talk Bubble Sticky Notes

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Have you ever been walking through your office building and seen a family photo that just begged for a thought bubble. Now you can covertly add your thoughts while the unsuspecting victim is taking her 45th restroom break of the day. Jot down a witty quip and slap it on with it's self-stick adhesive. And don't worry, just like a Post-it note, it's easy to remove.

Each pack of Talking Bubble Sticky Notes comes with three 50-page notepads. The notepads vary in shapes and sizes (2" to 3").

If you're not an office prankster, Talking Bubble Sticky notes are a great gift for any scrapbooking fans, teenagers or college students on your shopping list.

I have to admit something. I’m addicted to sticky notes, so I have an unnatural attraction to this already, but who doesn’t like adding their own little comic flair to pictures and notes? With the Talk Bubble Sticky Notes, everyone is an “Archie” or “Dilbert.” Just let your imagination run wild…and any picture can tell a new story every day.


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