Stemless Traveler Wine Glass

Stemless Traveler Wine Glass

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Are you tired of your clumsy guests breaking your glassware?  
Are you prone to impulsive and exaggerated hand motions whilst holding full beverages?
Do your grumpy elders prefer red wine but you only allow them white because you're terrified they'll stain the carpet?
If so, the Vino2Go Stemless Traveler Wine Glass can probably help solve a few of your problems!
Find some great recipes for your stemless traveler at the product farm

Vino to Go Go

Have you ever wished there was a secure traveler for your wine? You can’t take a wine glass out when the kids are playing football without worrying about shattering glass. The Stemless Traveler Wine Glass lets you keep your wine safe and secure without losing that wine-glass look. No place in your home or yard is off limits with this traveler.


Specs, Features and Bagging Rights

- Double wall design protects wine from outside temperatures longer

- Sleek design gives this handy tumbler a sophisticated look

- Lid keeps tear-worthy wine spills to a minimum

- Come in your choice of red, orange or blue

- Perfect for wine, mixed drinks and other cold beverages

- Durable plastic tumbler makes fragile glass stemware obsolete


Who Will Love the Stemless Traveler Wine Glass?

This is perfect for anyone that loves wine and mixed drinks, but has pets or kids that like to break things on a regular basis. Parents can drink their wine in comfort knowing that there is a much lower risk of spilling or breaking. The stemless tumbler doesn’t just have to be for parents either. Fill it with chocolate milk or a soft drink and your children can enjoy them too.


Frequently Asked Questions

It says traveler, so can I take it anywhere?

No, a wine filled glass should stay home with you and never be taken in a car or public place where open container and liquor laws prohibit them. There are laws in place that make open containers of alcohol in cars and public places illegal in the interest of safety for all. Instead, open your wine and drink it in your backyard, poolside or in your bathtub. There’s no glass to break and a lid to keep your beverage in – enjoy.

What does stemless mean?

Without a stem. Most wine glasses have a stem that makes the glass look sophisticated and classy, but it’s also easy to tip the glass over. By offering a stemless variety, you’re decreasing the likelihood of spillage. Plus, it’s way more freaking modern and edgy looking. Boom.


Please drink responsibly and keep alcoholic beverages out of the reach of minors.

Why We Love It

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